OEMTOOLS 22216 Rail Wrench Organizer – Practical Storage for 35 SAE & Metric Wrenches


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Keep Your Tools Organized and Accessible with the OEMTOOLS 22216 Rail Wrench Organizer. This simple but smartly designed wrench holder provides a practical storage solution to streamline your workflow when tackling automotive repairs and home improvement projects.

The OEMTOOLS wrench organizer set includes two 23.5 inch rails with slotted holders that can accommodate up to 35 wrenches in a variety of sizes. Each rail holder measures just 1 inch wide, with a low profile design that allows them to fit in shallow drawers and on narrow shelves. No more digging around crowded drawers or cluttered workbenches trying to locate the right wrench – the OEMTOOLS 22216 wrench organizer neatly sorts your tools in plain sight.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the included foam adhesive backing on each rail. Simply peel and stick these non-magnetic wrench holders wherever it makes the most sense for your workspace. Mount them side-by-side on a shelf for easy tool identification, or install one rail vertically and the other horizontally to maximize storage capacity. The strong yet removable 3M adhesive allows you to reposition the rails until you find the ideal layout.

The OEMTOOLS wrench organizer accommodates both standard and metric wrenches up to 23 inches long. The open end slots are specially designed to secure any wrench type or size while still allowing instant retrieval when needed. No more wasted time fumbling with latches or sliding wrenches in and out of closed tubes. Just grab and go with the OEMTOOLS 22216!

Maximize Drawer and Shelf Storage Space

Tired of wasting precious shelf space and cluttering your drawers with unorganized piles of wrenches? The space-saving OEMTOOLS 22216 wrench holder helps you reclaim that wasted real estate and make the most of the storage space you have.

The compact 1 inch profile hugs close to surfaces, so you can utilize narrow shelves and shallow drawers. Install multiple rails vertically or horizontally to build a customized wrench organizer system. Cut the rails to size if needed to create the ideal layout for your unique storage needs.

Stop digging through a disorganized mess trying to find the right wrench. Keep your tools in plain sight and within easy reach using the OEMTOOLS Rail Wrench Organizer.

Non-Magnetic Modular Design Adds Flexible Organization

What good is a wrench organizer if it takes up too much space or limits access to your tools? The OEMTOOLS 22216 wrench holder features a non-magnetic plastic design that brings flexible, modular organization to your workspace.

These wrench rails install securely using the included foam backing, but avoid permanent damage by using non-marring adhesion instead of screws or magnets. Easily reposition the organizers as needed to optimize your unique storage space over time.

The slotted rails hold a variety of wrench types and sizes simultaneously. But the open design allows you to instantly grab just the right wrench for the job, with no fussy latches or slides slowing you down.

Cut the 23.5 inch rails down to size to create multiple smaller organizers. Arrange them horizontally, vertically, or staggered to make the best use of the space available. Customize your wrench storage solution with the OEMTOOLS 22216.

Key Features:

– Comes as a set of two 23.5 inch wrench holder rails with foam adhesive backing for customizable mounting
– Holds up to 35 standard & metric wrenches at once for simplified organization
– Low profile 1 inch rails designed to fit shallow drawers and narrow shelves
– Non-magnetic plastic construction allows rails to be cut down to size
– Open end slots secure wrenches of various types and sizes while allowing instant access

Take Back Your Drawers and Shelves!

Overstuffed toolboxes and cluttered shelves filled with a scrambled mess of wrenches cause headaches when trying to quickly locate the right tool. The OEMTOOLS 22216 Rail Wrench Organizer helps you take back control and make the most of your storage space.

Stop wasting time searching through piles of disorganized wrenches. Use the included adhesive backing to install these slim organizers exactly where you need them most – on shelves, in shallow drawers, or vertically on a wall.

The non-marring foam backing lets you rearrange the modular rails until your find the perfect layout. Cut them to size if needed to build your ideal custom wrench organizer system.

See all your different wrench sizes and types lined up neatly in the open end slots. No more guessing games or unlatching tubes to get the right wrench. Just grab the exact one needed and get straight to work.

Simplify your workflow and maximize storage with the OEMTOOLS 22216 Rail Wrench Organizer. Order today and take back those crowded drawers, cluttered shelves, and disorganized toolboxes!


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