Norward Replacement 13.8V Charger for DeWalt 20V MAX Inflator Cordless Tire Inflators – Compatible with DCC020IB and DCC020IB-CA


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Keep your DeWalt cordless tire inflator powered up and ready to go with this replacement 13.8V charger from Norward. Designed specifically for DeWalt’s 20V MAX inflators, it’s a reliable and convenient way to recharge the internal battery when away from an outlet.

This high-quality replacement plugs into any 120V AC power source and delivers a steady 13.8V output at 10A to your inflator. Simply connect the DC output cord to the external power supply port on your DeWalt inflator to power it up.

With its durable construction and protective features like over-voltage, over-load, and short-circuit protection, you can trust this charger replacement to deliver safe, optimal charging performance. It’s made to last through job after job while protecting your inflator.

Compatible DeWalt Inflator Models:

– DCC020IB 20V MAX Brushless Inflator (bare tool)
– DCC020IB-CA 20V MAX Brushless Inflator with Battery and Charger
– Other DeWalt 20V MAX inflators with external power connectors

Don’t let a lost or damaged charger mean the end of your inflator’s usefulness. This Norward replacement ensures you can keep your tire inflation sessions going strong.

Powerful airflow and precise pressure control make DeWalt’s 20V MAX inflators a versatile addition to any workshop or job site. Quickly air up tires on cars, bikes, ATVs, trailers, and more. The lightweight, cordless design offers maximum portability and ease of use anywhere you need it.

Without the proper charger, these benefits are useless. Avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your entire inflator by simply swapping in this Norward charger replacement.

Why Choose the Norward Charger Replacement?

  • Specifically designed for DeWalt inflators
  • Reliable 13.8V 10A power output
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Overload, overvoltage, and short circuit protection
  • Plug and play convenience
  • Trusted quality at an affordable price

Don’t waste money on a brand new inflator when this Norward charger makes your current model good as new! Simple plug and play operation with the same optimal performance you’re used to.

The days of being stuck on the job with a dead inflator are over. With this replacement charger’s convenient size and power, you can store it in your vehicle to charge your DeWalt inflator anywhere. No more letting projects grind to a halt thanks to a lack of charge.

Take control over keeping your cordless tire inflator powered up and performing at its peak with this vital accessory. Click Add to Cart now to get back to uninterrupted inflation power!


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