Night Owl 2K HD 12 Channel Security Camera System with Deterrence and 2-Way Audio


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Protect your home or business 24/7 with the new Night Owl 12 Channel security camera system. This customizable wired CCTV system includes a 12 channel DVR with 1TB of storage, 4 weatherproof 2K HD cameras, and capabilities to add up to 8 additional wired or wireless cameras. Plus, built-in deterrence features and 2-way audio provide enhanced monitoring and prevention.

Fear No Blindspots with 12 Channel Recording

The included 12 channel DVR allows you to connect up to 12 security cameras for whole-home or business coverage with no blindspots. The 4 bundled 2K HD cameras cover key areas, and you can add more cabled or wireless cameras to fill in any remaining gaps. All connected cameras display and record simultaneously for true 12 channel monitoring.

Crisp 2K Super HD Recording

See every detail clearly in live view and recordings with the stunning 2K resolution. At 4MP, 2K exceeds standard 1080p for the sharpest video quality possible. The high resolution allows capturing faces, license plates, small objects, and text with precision.

Large 1TB Hard Drive for Extended Recording

Store weeks of continuous 2K video footage thanks to the large 1TB surveillance-grade hard drive pre-installed in the DVR. 1TB provides ample storage for multi-camera recording 24/7 without the need to frequently change out drives.

Smart Motion-Activated Alerts

Stop wasting time reviewing irrelevant footage. Customize motion zones for each camera, and receive instant alerts on your mobile device when the cameras detect people or vehicles. Focus on the events that matter most by personalizing motion detection.

Built-in Deterrence Features

Deter potential intruders and criminal activity with visible deterrence features on the cameras. A flashing red and blue LED light and 90+ dB warning siren activate automatically when the cameras detect humans. These provide visual and audible warnings that security measures are in place.

Two-Way Audio Communication

The cameras and DVR support two-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers. When monitoring remotely through your smartphone, you can listen to live audio and have conversations through each camera. Hear everything the cameras see for enhanced awareness.

Simple Plug-and-Play Wired Setup

Connect the complete wired CCTV system in minutes with easy plug-and-play installation. The DVR and dome cameras use BNC connectors and Siamese cabling to transmit video and power over one cable at distances up to 300ft. No network configuration necessary.

Expand Your System with More Cameras

Need expanded coverage? Seamlessly incorporate up to 4 additional wired cameras as well as 4 Night Owl wireless cameras into your system. Mix and match camera types while using the same DVR for centralized recording and monitoring. Maximize coverage with 16 security cameras in total.

Key Features:

– 12 channel DVR with 1TB HDD
– 4 x 2K HD wired dome cameras
– Deterrence with flashing LEDs & siren
– Two-way audio communication
– Smart motion detection alerts
– Add up to 16 total wired & wireless cameras
– Simple plug-and-play setup

The Night Owl 12 Channel Security Camera System delivers robust monitoring and built-in deterrence for comprehensive protection. Order today to install next-gen CCTV in your home or business!


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