Nanaholy Tesla Jack Pads – Essential Lifting Puck Accessories for Protecting Your Tesla Battery and Chassis


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Lift and protect your Tesla the right way with the Nanaholy Tesla Jack Pads. This 4-piece set of high quality rubber lifting pucks is specially designed to fit the chassis lift points on the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Unlike jacking directly on the chassis, these jack pads for Tesla provide crucial clearance between the jack and your battery pack or chassis. This avoids damage during tire changes or while lifting on a 2-post lift. The Nanaholy jack pads are shaped to precisely fit the Tesla body contours.

Protect Your Expensive Tesla Battery Investment

The battery pack on a Tesla runs the length of the chassis. Without jack pads, you risk crunching or piercing the battery enclosure or cells when lifting just a few inches. Avoid thousands in damage with thick rubber pads that cradle smoothly onto the chassis lift points.

Each pad measures 4.5 x 3 inches and features extra thick bottom rubber for a no-slip fit. The grooved surface grabs securely onto the metal jack saddle. Four pads are included to provide stable lifting at all four lift points underneath your Tesla.

Lift Safely on a Floor Jack or 2-Post Lift

Whether using a floor jack in your garage or lifting on a professional dual-post lift, the Nanaholy Tesla jack pads make the process safer. The precisely contoured shape matches the Tesla underbody to prevent slippage or instability.

Turn that floor jack handle with confidence knowing these lifting pucks firmly grip the metal lifting saddle while cushioning your chassis. No need to hunt around for makeshift wood blocks! The Tesla jack pads stow neatly in the included storage case, ready for your next tire swap or brake job.

Premium Details Make Installation a Breeze

Well-engineered features ensure these jack pads for Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y perform flawlessly for years.

  • Thick black rubber construction is highly durable to withstand years of garage use
  • Deep grooved surface keeps jack saddle securely in place while lifting
  • Reinforced O-ring center is designed to tighten onto lift points snugly
  • Precisely shaped and contoured to match Tesla underbody
  • Textured grip pattern on bottom creates no-slip hold on jack and lift points

Stop Improvising – Use Properly Designed Jack Pads

Many DIYers and even some shops risk using wood blocks or other improvised padding when lifting a Tesla. This can lead to instability, slippage or damage if the wrong material is used.

The Nanaholy Tesla jack pads are purpose-built to protect that expensive battery pack and safely cradle your chassis when lifted. No need to hunt around the garage for makeshift lift paddings. Just securely pop on all four pads and you’re ready for safe, secure lifting.

Premium Storage Case Keeps Pads Organized

The included zippered storage case keeps the set of 4 Tesla jack pads organized in your trunk, garage cabinet or shop toolbox. The durable case ensures the pads don’t get damaged or pick up dirt or debris when not in use. Just unzip and you have a complete 4-pad set ready to install at your battery lift points.

Designed Just for Tesla Owners

Stop searching for makeshift lifts or improvising with wood blocks. These jack pads for Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y take the guesswork out of safely lifting your EV. Just pop them on the precise lift points and lift worry-free on your floor jack or 2-post lift.

The Nanaholy Tesla Jack Pads show attention to detail with the custom shape designed specifically for Tesla underbody contours. Take care of your high tech EV with these thoughtfully engineered accessories.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Tesla Owners

Tesla owners just like you rely on the Nanaholy Tesla Jack Pads when working under their EV. The perfect 5-star reviews show just how well they fit and perform during tire rotations, brake jobs, and oil changes. Customers report how securely these pads lift on their floor jacks without any slip. The thick rubber construction provides peace of mind against damage.

Buy Risk-Free with Our Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you order the Nanaholy Tesla Jack Pads today. We back them with a money back promise if you aren’t completely satisfied. We’re that confident in the fit and quality of these jack pads for Tesla models.

Order now and protect that expensive battery pack underneath your Tesla!


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