Motion Pro 90 Degree 1/4″ Hex Socket Bit – Precision Made Tool for Tight Spaces


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Working in tight spaces is always a challenge for mechanics and DIYers. Trying to fit a bulky ratchet or extension into a cramped engine compartment often feels impossible. That’s where the Motion Pro 90 Degree 1/4″ Hex Socket Bit comes in. This uniquely designed socket bit gives you the reach and access you need to easily loosen or tighten bolts in confined areas.

The Motion Pro 90 Degree Socket Bit features a 1/4″ hex shank that fits into any 1/4″ drive ratchet, extension, or other tool. The head is set at a 90 degree angle, allowing you to get around obstructions and fasteners that are difficult to reach with standard straight socket bits. The angled head profile lets you swing your ratchet in a tight radius that would be impossible with a standard socket bit. This gives you the knuckle-saving clearance you need in crowded spaces.

Don’t let the small size fool you – this bit is made from hardened, heat-treated steel for durability and strength. The 90 degree angled head is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for precision fitment and ease of use. While compact in size, this bit provides ample torque and grip thanks to industrial broaching across the interior walls. A detent groove allows the bit to securely lock into the drive tang of any 1/4″ hex tool.

Key Features

  • 1/4″ hex drive shank fits all 1/4″ drive tools
  • 90 degree angled head for knuckle-saving clearance
  • Industrial broached socket for precise fitment
  • Hardened steel construction for durability
  • CNC machined aluminum head
  • Grooved for secure retention in drive tool
  • Compact size for tight access

Get Into Tight Spaces

The unique 90 degree angle head gets you into places no ordinary socket can. Easily reach awkward fasteners on engines, transmissions, differentials, motorcycles, appliances, machinery, and more. No more skinned knuckles or struggling with wobbly extensions. The low profile angled head lets you swing into cramped areas a standard socket cannot fit.

Quality Construction

This bit is made to provide years of reliable use. The shank and interior broached socket are constructed from heat treated, hardened steel for superior torque capability. This ensures the walls won’t round off or wear prematurely under heavy loads. The angled head is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for precise dimensions. This ensures an accurate, snug fit on any 1/4″ hex fastener.


The Motion Pro 90 Degree Socket Bit features a standardized 1/4″ hex drive shank that is universally compatible with all 1/4″ drive tools. Easily use it with any ratchet, extension, universal joint, or bit driver that accepts 1/4″ hex bits. Common tools it works with include ratchets, screwdrivers, speed handles, crow-foot wrenches, and impact drivers. The possibilities are endless!

Stop struggling with stuck bolts and painful knuckles! Get the job done faster and easier with the Motion Pro 90 Degree Angle Socket Bit. Reach tight spots other tools can’t access. Grab one today and take the hassle out of working in confined spaces!


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