Miller Electric Waterproof Welding Blanket 300379


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Keep Your Welder Safe from the Elements with Miller Electric’s Protective Welding Blanket

Welding can be tough work, and exposing your welder to the outdoor elements makes it even tougher. Rain, snow, wind, dust, and debris can damage your expensive welder, reducing its lifespan and effectiveness. That’s why Miller Electric designed the 300379 Protective Welding Blanket – to keep your welder safe from the harsh outdoor environment.

This heavy-duty PVC welding blanket measures a spacious 54” x 84” to cover even large welders completely. The thick 18 oz vinyl material is durable, flame retardant, and waterproof to block moisture, dirt, sparks, and spatter. Integrated magnets allow you to securely attach the blanket around your welder. A complete perimeter hem with grommets let you tie the cover down for a tight, weatherproof seal.


  • Heavy 18oz PVC vinyl material
  • Flame retardant and waterproof
  • Measures 54″ x 84″ to cover large equipment
  • Magnets for easy attaching around the welder
  • Perimeter hem with grommets to tie down cover
  • Blocks moisture, dirt, debris sparks and spatter
  • Protects your welder from harsh outdoor conditions

Keep Your Equipment Safe and Working Its Best

Welders are expensive investments, so you want to keep yours protected and performing optimally. Exposure to the elements can cause rust, corrosion, and the breakdown of internal components.

The Miller Electric 300379 welding blanket forms a water-resistant barrier between your welder and the outside environment. The thick, durable vinyl material blocks moisture, dirt, and debris that can damage the exterior housing and internal circuitry. The flame-retardant construction prevents sparks, spatter damage, and accidental fires.

You work hard to grow your business and serve your customers. The last thing you need is downtime from welder failure due to neglect. This protective blanket ensures your equipment stays in peak operating condition, job after job.

Designed for Convenience and Ease of Use

Miller Electric made sure this blanket is quick and easy for welders to use. Just drape the cover over your equipment and secure the integrated magnet seams. The strong magnets ensure the blanket forms a tight seal around your welder without gaps.

The grommeted perimeter hem allows you to tie the cover down for an extra-secure fit. When you’re ready to weld, simply remove the cover and store it safely until the next use.

The 300379 blanket is designed to be universal – fitting a wide range of welder types, sizes, and brands. Measuring 54 inches wide by 84 inches long, the blanket is large enough for everything from small portable welders up to large, heavy-duty industrial models.

Premium Quality from the Trusted Miller Brand

Miller Electric has been leading the welding industry for decades and is committed to providing high-quality, innovative solutions. The 300379 Protective Welding Blanket continues that tradition with its rugged construction and reliable performance.

The 18 oz heavy-duty vinyl stands up to tears, burns, chemicals, and repeated use in harsh environments. It’s also mildew and static resistant. Miller proudly stands behind the workmanship and materials that go into all their products including this blanket.

While no product lasts forever, especially when dealing with the high heat and sparks of welding, this blanket is designed to protect your equipment for many years. The thoughtful features maximize convenience while providing complete protection.

Investing in a Miller Electric 300379 welding blanket helps ensure your expensive equipment withstands the demands of outdoor use. Safeguard your welder from the elements so you can focus on providing outstanding service to your customers with minimal downtime.


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