Miller Electric 30 Series Flow Gauge Regulator 50 cfh Argon


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Control the flow of argon gas with precision using the Miller Electric 30 Series Flow Gauge Regulator. This single stage, medium duty regulator allows you to adjust argon flow from 0-50 cubic feet per hour (cfh), providing the accurate gas delivery needed for argon arc welding applications. The large 2″ diameter CGA 580 inlet fitting securely connects to an argon cylinder, while the outlet features a 5/8″ 18 tapered thread that pairs with argon hoses and torches.

Precise Flow Control

At the heart of this regulator is a precision machined valve that gives you exact control over argon flow. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to reduce flow, and counterclockwise to increase it. Watch the flow rate on the direct reading gauge, allowing you to dial in the perfect rate for the welds you need to make. The gauge face is clearly marked from 0-50 cfh, with each graduation indicating a 2 cfh change in flow.

Rugged Construction

This Miller Electric regulator is built with industrial grade components to withstand repeated use in welding shops and fabrication facilities. The die cast aluminum body provides exceptional durability, while the stainless steel seat, valve, and springs resist corrosion. Rubber hoses and plastic fittings would not hold up to the high pressures of argon gas, which is why this regulator uses metal internal parts.

Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with nearly any brand of argon cylinder, this regulator has a CGA 580 inlet connection. The 5/8″ 18 outlet thread allows quick connection to argon hoses and MIG guns using fittings or adapters. For a secure seal, use PTFE thread tape on the inlet and outlet threads. Suitable for use with high purity welding grade argon up to 300 psi, this regulator handles both 100% argon and Ar/CO2 mixed gas cylinders.

Easy Operation

Using this Miller Electric regulator is quick and easy, even for first time welding students. Just thread it onto your argon cylinder, connect a hose and torch, then turn on the cylinder valve. Turn the regulator knob counterclockwise while watching the flow gauge to set your desired rate. A vent valve allows you to release residual gas pressure for storage or transport. All the controls are clearly labeled for quick identification.

Key Features

  • Precision machined valve for accurate flow control from 0-50 cfh
  • Direct reading gauge marked in 2 cfh increments
  • Die cast aluminum body with stainless steel internals
  • 2″ CGA 580 inlet for argon cylinders
  • 5/8″ 18 outlet thread connects to hoses and torches
  • Vent valve for depressurizing after use
  • Suitable for 100% argon and Ar/CO2 mixed gas
  • Rugged construction for shop and fabrication use


  • Regulator Type: Single Stage
  • Flow Capacity: 0-50 cubic feet per hour
  • Pressure Rating: 600 psi
  • Inlet Connection: CGA 580, 2″ diameter
  • Outlet Connection: 5/8″ – 18 tapered thread
  • Compatible Gases: Welding Grade Argon, Ar/CO2 Mixes
  • Max Cylinder Pressure: 300 psi
  • Gauge Scale: 0-50 cfh in 2 cfh increments
  • Gauge Size: 2.5″
  • Body Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Internal Components: Stainless Steel
  • Seat Material: Nitrile
  • Handle: Phenolic

Control argon gas flow with unmatched precision for your welding needs using the well-built Miller Electric 30 Series Flow Gauge Regulator. Easy to connect and adjust, this single stage regulator provides smooth, reliable performance for GTAW and GMAW applications.


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