Miller 251 Aluminum MIG Gun – Reliable & Durable Welding Performance


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Work with aluminum like a pro with the Miller 251 MIG gun. This heavy-duty 15ft MIG gun is specially designed for welding aluminum and delivers exceptional performance.

Built Tough for Aluminum Welding

Constructed with premium quality components, the Miller 251 stands up to high amperage aluminum welding jobs. The gun neck is coated in Ultra-Flex cable material for extreme flexibility. This enables you to work in tight spaces and at difficult angles with ease.

The gun neck also features a dense spiral wound electromagnetically shielded casing. This provides a smooth wire feed when running larger diameter aluminum wires.

Compatible With Popular Millermatic Machines

The Miller 251 gun conveniently fits Millermatic MIG welders including:

  • Millermatic 200
  • Millermatic 210
  • Millermatic 212
  • Millermatic 250
  • Millermatic 250X
  • Millermatic 251
  • Millermatic 252

Simply plug and play – no tools required for setup.

The Miller 251 works seamlessly with these Miller MIG machines right out of the box. It provides the smooth wire feed needed for trouble-free welding.

Contains .035″ Contact Tips for Aluminum Wire

This package comes complete with .035″ contact tips. These are specifically sized for feeding 3/64″ aluminum MIG wire. The narrow opening prevents issues like burn back.

The copper tips conduct current efficiently for clean stable arc performance. They are long lasting to save you money on replacements.

Comfortable Rubber Insulated Handle

The rubber over-molded handle on the Miller 251 allows for a comfortable secure grip. With heavy welding cables, a poor grip can lead to hand fatigue.

The ergonomic handle enables extended welding time without uncomfortable hand strain. Grip marks along the handle improve retention so you can focus on your weld.

Durable Spring Loaded Trigger

The trigger mechanism employs an industrial strength spring for smooth function. This makes pinpoint arc starts easy when tackling intricate aluminum welds.

The trigger has a generous range of motion and positive feel. For demanding production environments, it holds up well to repeated pressing.

Easy To Replace Consumable Parts

The Miller 251 comes with conveniently replaceable consumable components. The contact tips screw in and out for quick changes. The nozzle is removable without tools for maintenance.

Replacements parts are affordable and readily available when needed. This maximizes the usable lifespan of your aluminum MIG gun.

Adaptable 15 Ft. Power Cable

A flexible 15 foot power cable gives you the freedom to move around your workpiece. The cable feeds cleanly around corners so you aren’t fighting with stiff leads.

For extended reach, you can use the Miller 251 with cable extensions up to 50 feet total length. This allows welding large parts like truck frames.

Technical Specifications

  • Gun Model: Miller 251 Aluminum MIG Gun
  • Compatible Machines: Millermatic 200, 210, 212, 250, 250X, 251, 252
  • MIG Gun Length: 15 Feet
  • MIG Gun Amps: Up To 250 Amps
  • Wire Diameter: .030″ to 3/64″
  • Wire Type: Aluminum
  • Consumables: .035″ Contact Tips
  • Handle: Rubber Over-molded
  • Trigger: Spring Loaded
  • Connector: Fast Mate Euro

Reliable Performance

This rugged aluminum MIG gun delivers unmatched performance thanks to robust construction. The flexible cable and ergonomic handle provide welding comfort.

Convenient compatibility with popular Miller welding machines makes setup completely hassle-free. Overall, the Miller 251 is the ideal choice for aluminum fabricators, auto shops, farms, and repair shops.

Experience smooth trouble-free feeding of 3/64″ aluminum wire with this durable gun. Order the Miller 251 MIG Gun today and see why Miller welders prefer it for aluminum projects. We stand behind the quality and will help with any questions you may have.


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