Miller 250 Amp MIG Welding Gun Kit – .030″-.035″ M-25 Gun, 15ft Cable, .035″ Weld Wire, Tip, Nozzle – Replaces Miller 169598


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Get professional quality MIG welds with this complete 250 amp MIG gun kit from Miller. It includes the heavy duty M-25 MIG torch, .035″ contact tips and nozzle, .035″ weld wire, and 15ft cable – everything you need to start welding right out of the box.

Heavy Duty Miller M-25 MIG Gun Replaces Miller 169598

The Miller M-25 torch included in this kit is designed for daily use in demanding welding jobs. It has a durable cast aluminum body, ergonomic handle, and steel liner to stand up to high amperage output. The versatile gun can handle both .030″ and .035″ wire making it easy to switch between metals.

Smooth Wire Feeding

The precision-machined gun liner ensures consistent wire feed and smooth wire flow. This results in uniform weld bead appearance and minimizes bird nesting or tangling of the wire. The threaded tip design allows quick changing of contact tips.

Replaceable Consumable Parts

Like all Miller torches, the M-25 has replaceable consumable parts including the contact tips, nozzles, diffusers, liners, and wire guide. Replace worn parts as needed to keep your gun operating in top condition.

15 Foot Cable Included

A 15 foot power cable gives you good mobility when welding large parts. The flexible cable resists cracking or damage from twisting. Heavy duty strain relief prevents cable separation from the handle.

Kit Includes .035″ Solid MIG Wire

This kit includes a 8 inch spool of .035″ diameter ER70S-6 solid steel MIG wire. The quality copper-coated wire feeds smoothly and allows you to get started welding steel projects right away.

Includes Nozzle, Tip, and Spatter Guard

A .035″ contact tip, .025″ ID nozzle, and spatter guard for .030-.035″ wire are also included with the M-25 gun. The tip size matches the included .035″ wire diameter. The nozzle protects the tip and focuses the weld wire.

Compatible with Millermatic 211/212 Auto-Set MIG Welders

This M-25 gun kit is designed to be a direct replacement for the gun included with Millermatic 211 and 212 MIG welders. Simply plug it into the Euro Quick Connect port for instant setup. The gun is rated for up to 250 amps to match the output capacity of these welders.

Perfect For Home/Farm/Auto Shop Use

With rugged construction and easy operation, this MIG gun excels for home DIY, farm/ranch, and auto shop welding. Easily set your welding parameters and enjoy spatter-free welds on steel up to 1/4″ thick.

Why Choose Miller?

Miller Electric has been leading the welding industry for over 90 years. The Miller name means you are getting high end components that live up to the demands of daily use. Expect extreme durability, consistent performance, and long lasting life from a Miller MIG gun.

What’s Included:

– Miller M-25 MIG Torch Gun
– 15ft Power Cable with Euro Connector
– 8″ Spool .035″ ER70S-6 MIG Wire
– .035″ Contact Tip
– .025″ ID Nozzle for .030″-035″ Wire
– Spatter Guard

Technical Specs:

  • Amp Capacity – 250 Amps
  • Wire Sizes – .030″ or .035″
  • Wire Type – Solid MIG
  • Power Cable Length – 15 ft.
  • Gun Length – 6 ft.
  • Net Weight – 5.5 lbs.

Increase your shop capabilities with this Miller 250 amp MIG gun kit. The pro-grade Miller M-25 torch, quality consumables, and .035″ wire give you everything for welding steel.


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