Mayouko 4-Piece Magnetic Toolbox Shelf Tray and Holder Set – Convenient Storage Solution for Your Workshop, Garage, or Vehicle


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Organize your tools and workshop with the versatile Mayouko 4-Piece Magnetic Toolbox Shelf Set. This handy storage solution includes a large 12″ rectangle tray, smaller 6″ rectangle tray, 2-piece paper towel holder, and 3 spray can holder with built-in screwdriver slots to keep your most-used items handy while working.

The extremely strong rubber coated magnets on the back of each piece allow you to securely attach them to any metal surface like your toolbox, tool cabinet, or the side of your vehicle. The black matte powder coated finish gives a minimalist, professional look.

Keep Hand Tools Within Reach

The rectangular magnetic trays provide convenient storage space to keep small hand tools, hardware, or supplies right where you need them for your current project. No more digging around drawers trying to find that one small part.

The larger 12” tray has ample room for multiple tools, while the 6” tray is perfect for holding small parts or hardware like nuts, bolts, washers, and screws. The durable steel construction means these handy trays can hold quite a bit of weight securely. Just place on your metal toolbox or cabinet and you’ve instantly added more accessible storage.

Store Spray Cans and Screwdrivers in One Place

The unique 3 can holder with built-in screwdriver slots allows you to neatly organize spray paints, lubricants, or any aerosol cans while also providing specific storage for 7 of your most used screwdrivers. Keeping these frequent use items together in one spot makes them easy to grab when needed.

The screwdriver holder features sized cutouts for 2 standard, 2 Phillips head, and 3 various sized flat head screwdrivers. Just slide your screwdrivers in handle up to keep them secure, but also easily removable.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Keeps Rolls Accessible

The 2-piece magnetic paper towel holder allows you to mount full size or smaller half rolls of paper towels. One piece is a slot that fits standard full size rolls, while the other piece has a shallower slot for holding smaller half size rolls.

Having paper towels at your fingertips helps keep your tools and workspace clean as you work. Easily grab one to wipe up spills or messes. The magnetic design lets you detach the paper towel holder when you need to swap out an empty roll for a new one. Then just place back on any metal surface.

Add Storage Space Anywhere You Need It

The extremely strong magnets combined with the durable steel construction means you can confidently place these storage shelves on vertical, overhead, or even upside down surfaces.

Use them in your home garage, workshop, RV, trailer, food truck kitchen, boat, UTV, golf cart, semi-truck trailer, ambulance, military vehicle, farming equipment shed, maker space, art studio, or anywhere you need extra storage!


  • Includes 12″ tray, 6″ tray, 2-piece paper towel holder, 3 can holder with screwdriver slots
  • Industrial strength rubber coated magnets for secure mounting
  • Holds up to 15 lbs on metal surfaces
  • Black matte powder coated finish
  • Durable and rust resistant steel construction
  • Provides convenient access to frequently used tools and supplies
  • Can be mounted on any ferrous metal surface
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Instantly add storage space anywhere you need it
  • Keep small parts, tools, and supplies organized and accessible
  • Store spray cans, paper towels, and screwdrivers together
  • Create a cleaner, more efficient workspace
  • Saves time searching for misplaced tools and hardware
  • Versatile – mounts in any home, garage, shop, or vehicle
  • Easy to move trays around and rearrange your workspace
  • Flexible configurations with the 4 piece modular set

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some much needed storage space and get better organized, the Mayouko 4-Piece Magnetic Toolbox Shelf Set is the perfect solution. Durable steel construction combined with extremely strong magnets allows you to securely place these holders practically anywhere.

The modular 4 piece set provides a variety of storage options to keep your most used supplies and tools right at hand. No more wasting time searching for that one small part or digging through crowded drawers. Everything you need within reach helps you work faster and more efficiently.


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