Lucas Oil Air Tool Lubricant – Extend the Life of Air Compressors, Impact Guns, Air Tools (Case of 12 Quarts)


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Properly lubricating pneumatic air tools is crucial for extending their lifespan and maintaining peak performance. This air tool oil from Lucas Oil is specially formulated to provide superior lubrication and protection for all types of air-powered equipment.

Specially Formulated for Air Tools

This air compressor oil is engineered exclusively for the unique needs of pneumatic equipment. It contains anti-wear additives to prevent excessive friction and overheating in high RPM air tools. The lightweight oil also resists foaming and won’t form heavy varnish deposits like motor oils can.

Disperses Moisture, Won’t Gum Up

Moisture is the #1 enemy of air tools. Lucas air tool lubricant easily absorbs moisture condensation and prevents corrosion. It cleans out water residues that can cause gumming, sticking and failure of close-tolerance parts inside air tools.

Prevents Rust & Oxidation

The anti-oxidation additives guard against rust and corrosion to keep your air tools looking and running like new for longer. This oil ensures no rust-related downtime for your high dollar pneumatic investments.

Reduces Friction & Wear

The dual action formula provides both anti-wear protection and friction reduction. This combination significantly extends the usable lifespan of air compressor pumps, pneumatic motors, air ratchets, impact guns, sanders, grinders and all other air tools.

Maintains Power & Efficiency

Keep your air tools operating at peak efficiency and maximum power output with Lucas air compressor lube. The advanced lubricant maintains tight air tool tolerances for better performance and precision.

Prevents Sticking & Sluggishness

Sticking components and sluggish performance plague inferior air tool oils. Lucas oil greatly reduces sticking and hesitation that rob air tools of their snap and power.

Won’t Gum Up At High Temps

Many air tool lubricants turn to varnish at higher operating temperatures causing gumming and sticking parts. Lucas air tool lubricant maintains outstanding flow properties and protects at extreme temps up to 250°F.

Extends Time Between Overhauls

The high quality lubrication minimizes wear and part failures to keep pneumatic equipment in service for longer periods between expensive overhauls. Lucas oil leads to more uptime and productivity.

Easy Maintenance

Most air tools allow easy oil changes by simply injecting lubricant into air line fitting. Lucas oil works with oilers, injection systems or can manually be poured into air tool reservoirs.

Trusted Lucas Brand

Lucas Oil Products has been a leader in high performance lubricants for over 30 years. Their world class oil technology now provides optimal protection for air compressor systems and pneumatic tools.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This Lucas air tool lubricant comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Use it for smoother operation and longer lifespan for all air tools.

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