Lil Chizler Decal Remover Tool Kit – 3 Pack


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Tackle old stickers and graphics with ease using the Lil Chizler Decal Remover Tool Kit. This set of 3 decal remover tools provides a simple solution for scraping off vinyl graphics, labels, stickers and more from surfaces. The cleverly designed Lil Chizler fits in tight spots and gives you greater control as you work.

Low Profile Design

The Lil Chizler features a slim, low profile shape that allows you to maneuver into small spaces. One side is flat to cover more surface area while the beveled side is angled to get underneath vinyl and stickers. The rolled edges ensure no sharp corners that could scratch.

Improved Grip

A thumb spot indentation in the center gives your thumb a natural resting place for better control as you scrape. The thumb spot lets you apply more downward pressure and work at an angle without slipping.

Removes Vinyl Graphics, Stickers & More

This decal remover tool is perfect for scraping off old vinyl graphics from cars, walls, windows and other smooth surfaces. It can be used to remove labels from reusable containers, price stickers from gifts, bumper stickers and so much more. The Lil Chizler easily tackles adhesive residue as well.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

The slim shape of the Lil Chizler allows you to fit it into corners and edges that larger scrapers can’t reach. Easily scrape off stickers on bumpers, aligned decals, tubs and sinks. The low profile gets into nooks regular tools can’t.

Original Lil Chizler

This is the original Lil Chizler design that started it all. The simple yet effective shape has been copied but never duplicated. Made from durable plastic in the USA, you can be confident in the quality.

Kit Includes 3 Tools

The Lil Chizler Decal Remover Tool Kit includes 3 remover tools so you’ll always have one on hand. Keep one in your car, kitchen, and workshop. Or give extras to family and friends struggling with old stickers and graphics.

How to Use the Lil Chizler

Using the Lil Chizler is simple:

  1. Warm stickers with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive
  2. Slide the flat or beveled edge of the tool under the edge of the sticker
  3. Keep the tool at a 30° angle and scrape in a sweeping motion
  4. Remove adhesive residue with alcohol or Goo Gone

Remove Stickers Safely

The plastic Lil Chizler won’t scratch surfaces like metal scrapers can. Use on glass, tile, wood, plastic and metal without worrying about damage. Always test on a small area first.

Simple Yet Effective

Don’t struggle with big bulky scrapers that leave adhesive behind. This compact decal remover tool kit offers and easy solution for big sticker removing jobs. Order the original Lil Chizler today and tackle those old graphics and stickers with ease.


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