KOHLER K-T13173-3A-CP Pinstripe Pure Thermostatic Valve Trim and Handle for Shower, Polished Chrome Finish


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Upgrade Your Shower with Stunning Pinstripe Design and Precise Temperature Control from Kohler.

Take your bathroom decor to the next level with the gorgeous Pinstripe thermostatic valve trim and handle from KOHLER. Featuring an elegant pinstripe pattern in durable polished chrome, this stylish accent brings contemporary sophistication to your shower. But it’s more than just striking good looks – the advanced thermostatic valve allows you to dial in your ideal water temperature and maintain it throughout your shower. No more scaling up and down trying to find the perfect temp.

Precise Digital Temperature Control

The KOHLER thermostatic valve lets you set your desired water temperature digitally down to the degree. Turn the dial to your preferred temp and the valve maintains it, preventing any sudden surges of hot or cold.

The digital display makes it easy to customize your comfort. Set it to your favorite temp and enjoy consistent water flow during your entire shower.

No more fiddling with tricky anti-scald valves or suffering through blasts of freezing water. The Pinstripe thermostatic valve gives you precision control over your shower experience.

Sleek Pinstripe Pattern

Distinguished pinstripes lend modern style to this polished chrome thermostatic valve trim and lever handle. The slim vertical stripes offer subtle texture and light reflection for a striking finish.

Constructed of durable metal with a premium chrome plating, the pinstripe design is built to last. It beautifully coordinates with modern, transitional, or contemporary bath decor for a cohesive look.

Polish and sophistication meet contemporary design with this KOHLER accent. Elevate your shower space with refined style.

Easy DIY Installation

Get professional style without the professional cost. The Kohler thermostatic valve trim installs easily in just minutes.

All necessary mounting hardware is included. Simply remove your existing valve trim, install the thermostatic cartridge and control, then attach the trim plate and handle. Detailed instructions walk you through each step.

With just basic DIY skills and common plumbing tools, you can upgrade both form and function in your shower. No need for an expensive plumber.

Low Lead Compliant

Designed for health and safety, this trim kit complies with lead content requirements for the U.S., Canada, and Vermont. Constructed from durable metals like brass, zinc, and chrome, it’s built for longevity while meeting stringent health standards.

You can install with confidence knowing harmful chemicals will not leach into your home’s water supply. KOHLER products are designed with health top-of-mind.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The chrome and gloss finish prevent mineral buildup, soap scum, and water deposits from adhering to surfaces. Just wipe clean with a soft cloth for routine maintenance.

For an occasional deeper clean, a gentle cleanser removes any residue. Regular upkeep keeps your KOHLER valve looking fresh and shiny for years of enjoyment.

Indulge in Precise Comfort and Contemporary Style

Treat yourself to spa-like showers with the KOHLER K-T13173-3A-CP thermostatic valve trim. Digital temperature control allows you to customize your ideal water temp for consistent comfort. The pinstripe pattern in polished chrome adds elegant style.

Experience the next level in shower luxury with this easy DIY upgrade. Order the Kohler Pinstripe thermostatic valve trim today!


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