Klutch Medium-Duty Oxyacetylene Cutting and Welding Kit – Complete 11-pc Victor Torch Outfit with Durable Toolbox


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Take your metal fabrication projects to the next level with the Klutch Medium-Duty Oxyacetylene Cutting and Welding Outfit. This all-inclusive 11-piece kit gives you everything needed to cut, weld, braze and heat metal with the power of oxyacetylene.

The high-quality Victor-style welding and cutting torch offers superior gas control and easy interchangeability between functions. The durable carrying case keeps the torch, hoses, and accessories protected and organized for portability.

Versatile Torch Handles Metalworking Tasks

The medium-duty torch in this klutch kit adeptly cuts through metal with precision thanks to an adjustable oxygen lever for superior flame control. Easily switch out the cutting attachment for the welding attachment to fuse metal together with heat.

With the ability to cut, weld, braze, and apply controlled heat, this versatile torch expands your metal fabrication abilities for repairs, custom projects, machinery maintenance, automotive work, and more.

Complete Outfit With Precision-Calibrated Gauges

This cutting and welding kit comes with everything you need to start working right out of the box:

– Victor-style medium-duty torch handle
– Cutting attachment nozzle
– Welding attachment nozzle
– Check valves for oxygen and acetylene
– Regulators for precise gas flow control
– 15 ft twin hose for mobility
– Soapstone and flint lighter
– Durable carrying case

The oxygen and acetylene regulators feature calibrated dials for exact pressure control during cutting and welding. Dual gauge protectors prevent damage to the gauges.

Portable Case for Convenience and Protection

The heavy-duty carrying case keeps your cutting and welding kit neatly organized in one place. The torch handle, hoses, accessories, and attachments all store securely in the case’s foam-lined interior. This protects the components and allows easy transport to job sites.

The case features a sturdy handle for comfortable carrying and stainless steel latches to keep it securely closed. With everything you need stored in one portable case, you can take your metalworking capabilities anywhere.

Cut, Weld, and Fabricate Like a Pro

This complete oxyacetylene kit by Klutch provides beginners and professionals alike with an affordable, quality setup for metal fabrication and repair.

With the right cutting and welding tools, you can:

Cut metal cleanly and accurately – Glide through metal sheets and pipes with a steady, controlled hand.

Weld strong joints – Fuse metal together at high temperatures for durable, long-lasting welds.

Braze metal for repairs – Flow brazing alloy into damaged metal components to mend cracks and gaps.

Apply targeted heat – Use the torch to heat parts for bending or loosening corroded bolts.

Don’t settle for cheap torches that sacrifice performance and safety. Get professional-quality cutting and welding capabilities with this complete Klutch outfit today!


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