Klein Tools MODbox Cup Holder – Toolbox Beverage Accessory with One-Handed Attachment


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Stay hydrated and keep your favorite drink close by on the jobsite with the Klein Tools MODbox Cup Holder Rail Attachment. This innovative accessory provides convenient beverage storage that seamlessly integrates with your MODbox modular storage system for easy access to your drink when you need it most.

The cup holder features a smart one-handed release design that allows you to quickly and easily attach it onto any MODbox side rail without the need for tools. Once attached, the flexible fingers automatically adjust to hold a variety of cup and bottle sizes securely in place. Drinks up to 44 oz. are kept upright and stable even when your MODbox components are tilted or in motion thanks to the cup holder’s swivel design.

No more worrying about spilled drinks ruining your tools and gear. The anti-spill cup holder keeps your beverage secure while you work. When not in use, the cup holder stores neatly inside your Rolling or Medium MODbox Toolbox using the Internal Rail Accessory (sold separately). This allows you to keep it protected and always close at hand for those times when you need a quick drink to stay refreshed on the job.

With the Klein Tools MODbox Cup Holder, staying hydrated is easier than ever. Simply attach it to your MODbox in seconds then fill your favorite cup, bottle or thermos and go. The flexible fingers conform to hold it in place, keeping your drink upright and accessible. Move from project to project without worrying about spills.

When break time comes around, your drink is right where you need it for quick, no fuss access. No more stopping to dig around in your toolbox or cooler. The cup holder swivels 360 degrees so your beverage stays upright when you tilt and maneuver your MODbox. You can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about keeping track of your drink.

The MODbox Cup Holder integrates seamlessly with all Klein MODbox modular storage components. Attach it tool-free in seconds to any side rail on your storage and transport boxes, shoulder strap, handles and more. The one-handed release lets you move it around your setup quickly for the ultimate in portable beverage convenience.

Keep your water, coffee, energy drinks or other beverages within arm’s reach to stay energized and hydrated all day long. No more spills ruining your gear with the anti-spill cup holder design. The flexible fingers conform to fit most standard sized bottles, cups and thermoses from 12-44 oz capacity.

Take your MODbox on the go and your drink comes too. The cup holder travels secured inside your Rolling or Medium MODbox toolbox when not in use thanks to the Internal Rail Accessory. This keeps it protected and at the ready whenever you need to quench your thirst during a long workday.

Experience next-level portability and convenience with your on-the-job beverages. The Klein Tools MODbox Cup Holder adds modular drink storage to your customizable toolbox setup. Stay hydrated without the hassle of keeping track of your drinks. Attach in seconds, stock up your favorite drinks and focus on the project not your beverage.


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