kimllier Carburetor for Yamaha EF2000IS Generator – Replacement 7DX-E4101-11-00 Carburetor for EF2000ISC EF2000ISCH Portable Generators


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Keep your Yamaha EF2000IS generator running smoothly with the kimllier replacement carburetor. Specifically designed as a direct replacement for Yamaha part number 7DX-E4101-11-00, this carburetor is easy to install and gets your portable generator up and running again.

Precision Engineered

The kimllier carburetor is manufactured to OEM specifications to match the original carburetor performance. Precision machined metal components provide durability to last many hours of runtime. The carburetor design ensures accurate air and fuel metering for smooth and reliable power output from the 79cc Yamaha engine.

Matches OEM Specs

This replacement carburetor has a part number of 7DX-E4101-11-00, matching the original Yamaha OEM part. It is designed to replace Yamaha 7DX-E4101-10-00 carburetors as well. The kimllier carburetor meets all original equipment specifications for a hassle-free bolted-on installation and optimal functioning.

Complete Carburetor

The kimllier carburetor kit contains the full carburetor assembly and components required for a complete repair. This includes the float bowl, throttle valve, fuel inlet, idle adjustment screw, and more. With one purchase you get everything needed to replace the carburetor on your Yamaha EF2000IS and get the engine performance back to factory fresh condition.

Built to Last

Constructed using quality metals and designed for rugged use, this carburetor is extremely durable. It is made to provide reliable performance even under demanding conditions. The tough construction ensures extended service life for seasons of use powering appliances and equipment at home, camping, on the job site, or wherever you need portable power.

Responsive Performance

The kimllier carburetor is engineered to respond quickly to changing engine loads. This allows smooth and uninterrupted power delivery when connecting tools and appliances that have varying power draw. The precise fuel metering prevents bogging down during sudden load increases.

Convenient Fuel Shut Off

A fuel shut off valve is integrated into the inlet of the carburetor. This allows you to stop the flow of gasoline when the generator is not in use. The shut off prevents sticky valves and flooding, saving you from needed to drain the carburetor bowl. It also reduces fire risks from fuel leakage.

Simple Bolt-On Installation

Installing this replacement carburetor on your Yamaha EF2000IS generator is easy. It bolts on to the original mounting holes for a direct fit. No modifications or adjustments are needed. Detailed installation instructions are included for step-by-step guidance. Basic hand tools are all you need for a quick carburetor swap.

Reliable Power Anywhere

The Yamaha EF2000IS is legendary for its portable power and durability. Keep your trusty generator going strong with this replacement carburetor. It delivers the steady performance and quick starting needed for power on camping trips, household backup power, RV adventures, and more.

Buy With Confidence

Kimllier provides a 30-day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty on the carburetor for your satisfaction and peace of mind. Their friendly support team is also ready to help with any compatibility or installation questions.

Don’t wait until your generator quits to replace the carburetor. Get a kimllier carburetor now for maintenance and keep your EF2000IS ready for reliable power whenever and wherever you need it.


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