KENDO 8 Piece Forstner Bit Set – Premium Quality Alloy Steel Bits for Precise Woodworking


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Get your woodworking projects done faster and with more precision using this premium quality 8-piece Forstner bit set from KENDO. Designed for boring clean, flat-bottomed holes in wood, these heavy-duty bits make quick work of drilling precise pockets for hinges, drawer pulls, dowels, and more.

Made from ultra-durable alloy steel that’s been heat treated for maximum toughness and shock resistance, the KENDO Forstner bits power through hardwoods like oak and maple without slowing down. The ultra-sharp cutting edges slice through material while the flat-bottomed design creates clean holes with crisp edges in a single plunge.

This set includes 8 of the most commonly used Forstner bit sizes: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1-3/8”. The bits fit standard power drill chucks and come packed in a durable plastic storage case so they’ll always be protected yet easily accessible.

Breeze Through Tough Hardwoods and Plywood

While standard drill bits tend to wander, catch, and tear out material, these Forstner bits drill smooth, flat-bottomed holes with no center point. The sharp peripheral teeth provide a clean cut while the flat tip cleanly cores out the center.

Plunge straight into hardwoods like maple and oak without worrying about drill bit wander. The Forstner bits easily drill precise pockets for cabinet hardware installation. No more adjusting hinge placements to hide ragged holes.

The flat tip is also perfect for drilling clean through holes in plywood and other sheet goods. No more splintered edges around bolt holes.

Precision Fit for Dowels, Inlays, and More

Forstner bits are ideal for more than just drilling starter holes. Their flat-bottomed holes provide precision fits for dowels, inlays, and other joinery applications. The squared walls give maximum gluing surface for strong adhesive joints.

Use Forstner bits to drill holes for tight-fitting wooden dowels. The flat walls give the dowel nowhere to slide or slip. The result is precise alignment and strong joints for furniture projects, keepsake boxes, and more.

Inlay enthusiasts will love the clean results possible with Forstner bits. Intricate patterns in wood, tile, stone, and other materials fit seamlessly within the squared recesses.

Clean Cuts in Plastic, Acrylic, and More

While designed for woodworking, these bits also cut cleanly through plastic, Plexiglass acrylic, laminates, fiberglass, and other man-made materials. The sharp cutting edges prevent chipping and cracking around the edges of holes.

Forstner bits are great for drilling holes through acrylic sheets to create displays, shadowboxes, and cases. You’ll get smooth walls and edges without unsightly cracks radiating from the holes.

For hobbyists working with plastic models, the bits bore perfect recesses for lights and other components with no tearing or distortion.

Complete Range of Sizes for Maximum Versatility

This Forstner bit set comes packed with every size you need for most woodworking applications:

– 1/4″ – Great for drilling small pilot holes

– 3/8” – Ideal size for dowels, jewelry box hinges

– 1/2″ – Standard cabinet knob and handle mounting

– 5/8” – Large dowel holes, recessed soap dispensers

– 3/4″ – Common hinge and door catch size

– 7/8” – Use for large hinges, rosettes

– 1″ – Large dowels, big cabinet knobs

– 1-3/8″ – Extra large holes for special applications

With all the essential Forstner bit sizes packed in a handy case, you’ll always have the right bit close at hand for your next woodworking project.

Engineered for Durability and Long Life

KENDO uses only premium materials and rugged construction methods to ensure these Forstner bits deliver top performance project after project.

The bits start with ultra-strong alloy steel construction. The raw steel is then heat treated to optimize hardness and toughness. The result is bits that stay sharper longer even when boring through dense hardwoods day after day.

Perma-sharp cutting teeth continue biting deeply with less sharpening required. The flat-bottomed design resists binding or jamming in the hole. Built-in spurs help keep the bit centered and cutting straight.

While designed for aggressive cutting, the bits also produce a refined surface finish. The sharp cutters shear through wood fibers for tear-out free holes.

Enjoy Smooth, Accurate Cuts and Years of Use

You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the difference Forstner bits make in your woodworking projects. These top-quality bits from KENDO deliver smooth, accurate holes with less tearing, splintering, and ragged edges.

The durable alloy steel construction and heat-treated hardness means you’ll get years of reliable use from this set. Keep them stored in the included plastic case between uses to prevent damage and dulling.

For clean, precise holes every time your project calls for pocket screws, concealed hinges, precise joinery, or decorative details, choose KENDO’s 8-piece Forstner bit set. Discover the accuracy and smooth cutting performance that makes woodworkers swear by these specialized bits.

We Stand Behind Our Products 100%

KENDO wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us to arrange a refund or replacement. We stand behind the quality of our Forstner bits and aim to make sure you have a hassle-free experience. Add this top-rated Forstner bit set to your woodworking toolkit now and see the difference precision bits make!


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