Keep Your Car Organized with These Versatile Car Seat Headrest Hooks


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Tired of arriving at your destination only to dig around in the backseat searching for your purse, umbrella, or bag of groceries that’s rolled under the seat? Or maybe you wish your passenger had a convenient spot to hang their coat so it’s not piled on their lap or tossed haphazardly in the back. Bring organization and convenience to your car’s interior with these versatile Osilly car seat headrest hooks!

Hang & Access Items with Ease

These handy hooks easily attach to the steel poles behind your vehicle’s headrests, providing convenient spots to hang purses, umbrellas, grocery bags, and backpacks. No more digging under seats or moving things aside to find what you need. With items hanging from the hooks, they’ll stay neatly in place and be easily visible and accessible when you need them.

The hooks also make a perfect spot to hang a plastic grocery bag to keep items upright and avoid spills. And you’ll never have to place wet umbrellas on your seats again and worry about water damage or marks. With the Osilly hooks, simply hang damp items on the hooks to keep your upholstery clean and dry.

360 Degree Rotation For Versatile Use

A unique 360 degree rotating design allows you to swing the hook forward, backward, or tuck it away completely, giving you flexible placement options. Need to access items yourself? Rotate the hook within reach. Want it accessible for rear passengers? Rotate it toward the backseat. Hooks not in use? Simply rotate them behind the headrest bar and out of the way.

You can even use the hooks to hold your cellphone, allowing passengers easy access to view maps, control music playback, or browse entertainment hands-free during rides.

Strong, Durable Construction

Built from sturdy plastic, each hook can hold 20-25kg (44-55 lbs), more than enough strength to securely hold purses, bags, coats, and other everyday items. The plastic material also features smooth, rounded edges to prevent snagging or damage to your upholstery.

An enclosed hook design grips tightly onto the steel headrest poles without slipping, while the hook opening easily accommodates poles up to 0.6 inches in diameter. So you can install and use these holders in most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Quick & Simple Installation

Installing the Osilly car seat hooks takes just seconds and requires no tools. Simply place the hooks over the steel headrest poles and gravity holds them securely in place. Their effortless attach and detach function also makes them easy to transfer between vehicles or remove when not needed.

Keep Your Car Neat & Tidy For All

Bring order to the interior and keep your car looking its best with these handy hooks! Their convenient storage will help you:

  • Prevent spills by hanging grocery bags upright
  • Keep wet umbrellas off upholstery
  • Reduce clutter by getting bags/purses off the floor
  • Free up passenger space by hanging coats & bags
  • Quickly access necessities without digging around
  • Give rear passengers items within easy reach
  • Keep the car clean and organized for family & friends

With multi-pack sets available, you can outfit the whole car with handy hooks for maximum organization. The sleek black color blends seamlessly into any interior.

Don’t waste another minute rummaging around a messy backseat. Bring quick organization to your car with these simple yet effective Osilly Car Seat Headrest Hooks!


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