Keep Your Bits Organized and Accessible with the OEMTOOLS 24144 Magnetic Hex Bit Holder


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Tired of digging through your tool box to find the right size hex bit for the job? Save time and frustration with the OEMTOOLS 24144 36 Piece Magnetic Hex Bit Holder. This ingenious magnetic organizer keeps 36 of your most used 1/4 inch hex bits and one 1/4 inch drive hex drill bit adapter neatly stored and always within reach.

Convenient Magnetic Storage

The heavy duty magnet base on this OEMTOOLS bit holder effortlessly adheres to any metal surface, whether it’s your tool box, work bench, or project material. The strong magnets keep the tray securely in place at any angle so you can position it wherever is most convenient. Bits stay neatly lined up and don’t get jostled around even when you’re working on angled or vertical surfaces.

Quick Access Design

The OEMTOOLS magnetic bit organizer features open sides so you can easily grab the bit you need in seconds. No more fiddling with hard to open covers or drawers to access your bits. The size and bit markings make it easy to quickly spot the right bit for the job. Keeping bits organized in one place saves you time spent hunting for the bit you need.

Non-Marring Protection

While the magnets on this OEMTOOLS 24144 holder keep it locked in place, the base is designed not to damage your work surface. A rubberized mat on the bottom prevents any scratches or marks from occurring on the metal surface it’s mounted to. The high grade polypropylene plastic construction also helps protect against accidental drops or impacts.

Take It Anywhere

The compact size and lightweight design of this magnetic hex bit organizer make it perfect for keeping in your tool bag or carrying between job sites. The strong magnetic base keeps bits secure even when transported. Easily mount it wherever you’re working to keep bits handy.

Designed To Last

This bit holder is made from durable polypropylene plastic that can handle tough shop use. The strong magnets keep a firm grip to provide reliable hold. Precision molds ensure an exact fit for each bit so they stay in place. Thoughtful design touches like bit size markings along each slot add to the overall usefulness.


For over 40 years, OEMTOOLS has been a leading name in specialty tools and equipment for automotive and industrial applications. They are known for making affordable, quality tools aimed at DIYers and professionals alike. This magnetic hex bit holder lives up to the OEMTOOLS reputation, featuring strong magnets, durable construction and useful design focused on accessibility.

Compatible Bits

The OEMTOOLS 24144 was designed to work with standard 1/4 inch hex shank bits. It comes packed with an assortment of the most commonly used sizes and types, including:

– 1/4″ Hex Shank Nut Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to 1/4″ Square Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex Shank Power Bits
– 1/4″ Hex Shank Drill Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Phillips Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Torx Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Pozidriv Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Slotted/Flat Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Robertson Driver Bits
– 1/4″ Hex to Torx Socket Bits

Specification Overview

– Holds up to 36 bits
– Strong magnetic base for hands-free use
– Non-marring rubberized base protects work surfaces
– 1/4 inch hex bit and adapter compatible
– Open access design for quick bit retrieval
– Durable polypropylene plastic construction
– Compact and lightweight for portability
– Bit size markings along slots

Stop wasting time hunting for bits and keep your workspace organized with the OEMTOOLS 24144 36 Piece Magnetic Hex Bit Holder. This magnetic bit organizer has the features and durability to make your jobs easier.


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