Keep Your AC Unit Sparkling Clean with the WANOSS Split Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover Bag


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Tired of making a mess when it’s time to deep clean your wall-mounted split air conditioner? Dirty water splashing everywhere as you try to flush out the condenser coils can create more work and frustration. With the WANOSS Split Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover Bag, you can now clean your AC unit thoroughly without the mess.

This durable cleaning cover bag is designed to contain all the grime, dust, and dirty water that comes out when you flush and disinfect your air conditioner. Made from high-quality PU material that is waterproof and corrosion resistant, the cover bag protects your walls, floor, and other surroundings from getting splashed. A large drain outlet at the bottom funnels all the dirty water into a bucket or drain pipe so you can keep your space clean.

Key Features:

Reliable Splash Guard

The WANOSS cleaning cover bag wraps securely around your wall-mounted AC unit to effectively contain all the sewage, dirt, and water that comes out when you flush the system. No more worrying about the dirty water splattering everywhere and making more of a mess.

Drain Outlet Design

The bottom of the cover bag is shaped like a funnel so that all the dirty water can easily drain through the hose into a bucket, keeping your floor dry. No more slipping on puddles of dirty condensation water that dripped out of the AC.

Durable and Waterproof Materials

Constructed from high-grade PU material, this cleaning cover bag is waterproof, corrosion resistant, and built to last through repeated use. The tight stitches and sealed seams prevent leaks.

Useful Cleaning Assistant

This cover bag takes the hassle out of deep cleaning your air conditioner. Just slip it on, attach the drain hose, and you can flush and disinfect the unit without worrying about the mess. It can also double as a dust cover when not in use.

Fits 9K to 18K AC Units

With dimensions of 28 x 27 x 100cm (11.02 x 10.62 x 39.37 inches), this cleaning cover is suitable for most standard wall-mounted residential and commercial air conditioning units from 9,000 to 18,000 BTU. Please measure your unit first to ensure proper sizing.

Stop Putting Off AC Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for your air conditioner, not only to keep it running efficiently but also to prevent mold, bacteria, and bad odors from accumulating inside the unit and ventilation system. But trying to flush out your AC without protection leads to dirty water splashing everywhere, discouraging homeowners from doing this vital cleaning often enough.

The frustration of dealing with the mess from AC cleaning leads many people to put it off repeatedly. The air conditioner coils get dirtier, efficiency drops, energy bills climb, and harmful microbes multiply inside the condenser and vents. Your home’s indoor air quality declines along with the AC’s cooling capacity.

This WANOSS cleaning cover bag finally provides an easy solution for keeping your space clean while thoroughly washing your air conditioning unit. No more excuses for skipping this crucial maintenance.

How to Use the WANOSS AC Cleaning Cover Bag

Cleaning your air conditioner is quick and easy with the help of this cover bag:

1. Measure your wall-mounted AC unit to ensure the WANOSS cover bag fits properly. Available in one universal size designed to fit most standard 9K to 18K BTU residential and commercial units after stretching over the top and sides.

2. Slip the cover bag over the top of the AC unit, pulling the corners down along the sides. Zip or clip the cover bag securely around the base of the unit.

3. Attach the drain outlet hose and direct it to a bucket, drain pipe, or outdoors.

4. Mix your condenser cleaning solution according to the product directions. Pour it into the water inlet opening at the top of the cover bag.

5. Flush the cleaning solution through the system as described in your air conditioner’s manual. Check that the drain hose routing stays secure as the dirty water begins flowing out.

6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to flush out any remaining cleaning solution and debris.

7. When finished, remove the cover bag and dispose of the dirty water appropriately. Allow the AC unit to dry fully before turning it back on.

8. Keep the cover bag for future quick and easy condenser cleaning sessions. It rolls up compactly for convenient storage.

Cooler, Cleaner Air All Season

Don’t wait until your air conditioner is struggling to keep your home cool before attempting maintenance. Take advantage of mild spring or fall weather to thoroughly clean the condenser coils and evaporator fins with the help of the WANOSS AC cleaning cover bag.

Your air conditioner will run much more efficiently when free of built-up dirt, dust, pollen, and debris. Not only will your cooling costs decrease, but you’ll also enjoy improved air circulation and healthier indoor air quality all year long.

This handy cleaning cover bag takes the hassle and mess out of keeping your air conditioner well-maintained. Order the WANOSS Split Air Conditioning Cleaning Cover Bag today so that you can keep your AC unit operating at peak performance season after season. Your home’s air will smell fresher and your energy bills will thank you!


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