Keep Leftover Caulk Fresh for Weeks with These Handy Caulking Tube Caps


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You know the frustration. After finishing a caulking job, there’s often leftover sealant in the tube. But without a tight seal, it dries out and goes to waste.

Stop throwing money down the drain! These 20 reusable caulk caps let you easily seal open caulk tubes to keep the contents fresh.

Just roll up the flexible latex cap and place it over the caulk tube tip. Unfold to create an airtight seal that locks out air and moisture. The leftover caulk stays soft and usable for weeks!

The caps fit most standard caulking tube sizes. And they work for any type of thick paste-like product you need to seal in an open container:

  • Caulk
  • Adhesive
  • Silicone
  • Construction adhesive
  • Auto body filler
  • Epoxy
  • Grease

Stop wasting money on dried out tubes. Order these reusable caulk saver caps to keep your sealants fresh for your next project!

Creates an Airtight Seal to Lock in Freshness

Exposure to air is what causes opened caulk tubes to dry out quickly. These caps provide a tight seal that prevents air contact.

The flexible latex material wraps around the caulk tip and conforms to the shape. This blocks out oxygen to preserve the caulk.

No more crusty dried out tips that prevent caulk from flowing! The airtight seal keeps it smooth and usable for future jobs.

The caps also prevent leaks, drips, and messes if the caulk tube gets knocked over while stored. Your shelves stay clean.

Fits Most Standard Caulk Tubes

These caulking tube caps come in a universal size designed to stretch and fit most standard caulk cartridges.

The flexible latex material accommodates tube tips of various widths. Just stretch the cap over top and it shrinks down to grip tightly.

The caps fit cartridge sizes like:

  • 10 oz.
  • 11 oz.
  • 28 oz.
  • 29 oz.
  • 30 oz.

They also work for smaller squeeze tubes of adhesives and epoxies.

The set includes 20 caps of the same size, so you can seal multiple leftover tubes at once. Reuse the caps again and again.

Saves You Money by Reducing Waste

Don’t throw out another dried up half-used tube! By keeping sealants usable for weeks instead of days, these caps seriously reduce waste.

Just think how much money you’ll save by getting more use out of spendy construction adhesives, automotive epoxies, specialty paints, and caulks.

The airtight seal prevents drying out between jobs. You can break the cap off and smoothly dispense every last bit when needed.

This organizer’s must-have helps reduce clutter too. No more dealing with stockpiles of crusty old tubes piled around the garage.

Super Easy to Use for Sealing

Sealing open containers is quick and easy with these caps. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. After dispensing desired amount of caulk, adhesive, etc., roll up cap into tight cylindrical shape.
  2. Place rolled up cap over tip of cartridge or tube.
  3. Unroll cap so it covers tip and seals around nozzle.
  4. Wrap tightly around cartridge tip, conforming it to the shape.
  5. Ensure cap is fully unrolled and creates an airtight seal.

The flexible latex caps will grip tightly when unrolled to block air exposure. To use product again, simply remove cap and dispense.

Handy for Any Thick Sealants and Adhesives

Don’t limit these caps to just caulk. They’re great for sealing ANY paste-like product in tubes or cartridges:

  • Silicone sealants for plumbing jobs and appliances
  • Auto body fillers for smoothing dents and damaged panels
  • Marine epoxies for boat building and repairs
  • Thread lockers for securing fasteners and hardware
  • Grease containers to prevent drying and leakage

The elastic latex material provides a tight seal on any nozzle diameter. Get the maximum use out of all your products.

Invest in these versatile caulk caps for sealing and preserving today!

We Stand Behind Our Products

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a risk-free purchase and hassle-free returns if needed.

If you ever have any issues with the caulk caps, just contact us for a prompt resolution. We’re always here to help.

Plus these reusable caps are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects. We proudly stand behind their quality.

Order the 20 pack caulk caps set now to save money and reduce waste! Your leftover adhesives and caulks will stay fresh for weeks thanks to the airtight seal.


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