KAIWEETS 0.8V-100V Smart Automotive Test Light with Voltage Meter, Continuity Buzzer, and LED Flashlight


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Tired of reaching for multiple tools to test your vehicle’s electrical circuits? Save time and headaches with the KAIWEETS 0.8V-100V automotive circuit tester. This versatile gadget combines 4 must-have functions into one compact tool:

Voltmeter – Accurately measures DC voltage from 0.8V to 100V on your car’s wiring and circuits. The large backlit LCD clearly displays voltage values for easy reading. No more guessing if a circuit is live!

Continuity Tester – Emits an audible beep tone when detecting a complete circuit. Quickly find shorts, opens, and other faults in fuses, wires, connectors, and switches.

LED Flashlight – Bright LED conveniently lights up dark areas like under the dash or in the engine bay. Check connections and identify wires with ease.

Sharp Probe Tip – Easily accesses cramped spaces and wire harnesses. Sturdy probe won’t bend or break off in narrow openings.

This versatile automotive test light simplifies electrical diagnostics. Just set it to Smart Mode and it automatically detects what you’re testing – voltage, continuity, or resistance. No more fumbling with changing modes and settings. The large digital display and audible continuity buzzer provide clear results you can trust.

Key Features:

  • Smart automatic mode detects voltage, continuity, and resistance
  • Measures 0.8V to 100V DC voltage
  • Emits audible tone for continuity testing
  • Bright LED flashlight for visibility
  • Sharp probe reaches tight spaces
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Reliable and accurate readings
  • High quality durable construction
  • Protective silicone cover prevents damage
  • Includes storage pouch and spare battery

Safely Test Car Electrical Circuits

Testing automotive circuits used to mean grabbing your multimeter, test light, and flashlight. Not anymore! The KAIWEETS circuit tester combines all these tools into one compact pen-style tester.

The sharp probe tip easily accesses hard-to-reach areas like wire harnesses behind the dash or under the hood. No more untangling bundles of wires trying to attach clunky test probes. The probe’s flexible silicone cover protects surfaces from accidental scratching or marring.

The bright LED flashlight illuminates darkened areas when testing at night or beneath the dash. Easily identify wire colors and terminal connections. Two handy magnets on the probe barrel let you attach it for hands-free operation.

Accurate Digital Voltage Meter

The large backlit LCD display provides accurate 0.1V resolution. Clearly see voltage readings ranging from 0.8V to 100V DC. No more guessing if a circuit is live. Detect bad grounds, shorts, and other faults faster.

Voltage detection automatically activates in Smart Mode without needing to change settings. Just touch the probe tip to a wire or terminal and read the voltage. Use it to check battery voltage, starter and alternator outputs, sensor values, switch power, and more.

Hear Continuity Problems Clearly

No need for guessing with the continuity buzzer. When the probe detects a complete circuit, it emits a clear audible tone. If no tone sounds, you know there’s an open circuit or faulty connection.

Quickly test fuses, wires, connectors, switches, and relays for continuity. Find shorts and other issues faster without constantly looking at the display. Continuity detection works automatically in Smart Mode for fast testing.

Compact and Durable Construction

The circuit tester’s pen-style design fits comfortably in your hand. It’s lightweight and portable for convenient use anywhere on your vehicle. The durable plastic housing withstands drops, bumps, grease, and oils.

High quality components ensure accurate readings and reliable performance. The sharp pierced probe tip provides excellent electrical contact without bending or breaking. Two strong magnets allow hands-free operation when testing.

A protective silicone cover stretches over the probe to guard surfaces against accidental damage. When testing is complete, store the tester in the included zippered case to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

Start Simplifying Your Electrical Diagnostics

Don’t waste time rummaging through your toolbox for multiple tools. The KAIWEETS automotive circuit tester combines voltmeter, continuity buzzer, flashlight, and probe into one handy device.

Stop struggling to see and reach tight electrical connections. Let the sharp probe tip and bright flashlight illuminate those dim spots. No more turning knobs and changing modes – just touch and test.

Get your electrical troubleshooting back on track! Pick up the KAIWEETS 0.8V-100V automotive circuit tester today.


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