JIURUN 35pc Window Tint Application Kit – Car Wrapping Tool Set for Installing Automotive Tint Film




Get professional-quality window tint application results with the JIURUN 35pc Window Tint Tool Kit. This complete car wrapping tool set equips you with every tool needed to flawlessly install automotive tint film and vinyl wraps for a smooth, bubble-free finish.

The comprehensive kit includes an array of squeegees, blades, and scrapers engineered to make DIY automotive window tinting and vinyl wrapping easier than ever. The variety of shapes and sizes allow you to perfectly wrap curves, contours, trims, and hard-to-reach areas – just like the pros.

Complete Window Tint Application Tool Set

This all-inclusive 35 piece car wrapping tool kit features various specialty squeegees and scrapers to expertly apply tint film, vinyl wraps, and graphics:

  • 2 Blue Felt Squeegees – Flexible felt gently smooths film
  • 10 Replacement Felt Blades – Easily swap out worn felt blades
  • Black Fish-Shaped Squeegee – Contours curves and indented areas
  • Yellow Triangular Squeegee – Reaches into grooves and crevices
  • 2 Long Corner Squeegees – Apply film into tight spaces
  • Mini Pink Squeegee – Detail small and precise areas
  • Red Corner Squeegee – Wrap tough interior angles and edges
  • Craft Knife + 5 Blades – Precisely trim excess film
  • Utility Knife + 5 Blades – Cut through vinyl and film
  • Double-Sided Scraper + 3 Blades – Remove bubbles and vinyl decals

Durable Construction for Flawless Results

Each specialty application tool in this professional quality kit is constructed from durable plastics and flexible rubber designed to glide smoothly across surfaces.

The plastic squeegee edges are smooth to prevent scratching or damaging tint film during application and removal. The soft rubber conforms to wrap contours, bends, and crevices while keeping unwanted air bubbles out.

The retractable stainless steel craft and utility knives allow you to snap-off dull blades for precision cutting and trimming of vinyl wraps. With this window tinting tool kit, you’ll have pro-grade materials that stand up to extended DIY use.

Install Bubble-Free Window Tint & Vinyl Like a Pro

This versatile automotive wrapping tool set lets both amateurs and experts achieve flawless, professional-looking results installing vehicle window tint, vinyl graphics, paint protection films and more.

The variety of specialty squeegees are designed to apply film and direct air bubbles out from all angles – including curved windows, textured trims, indented panels, and tight crevices.

Plus, the kit includes everything needed to cleanly trim and detail – preventing the frustration of improvising with makeshift household tools.

Why struggle with kitchen spatulas and old gift cards? Equip yourself with the right tools and take your automotive DIY projects to the next level with clean, smooth and bubble-free finishes.

For Auto Window Tinting, Decor, and Full Wraps

This window film application kit works for any vinyl project, including:

  • Auto Window Tinting – Flawlessly apply interior and exterior window tints
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps – Add vinyl decals, graphics, stripes and accents
  • Full Vehicle Wraps – Completely transform your car, truck or vehicle exterior
  • Wall Murals – Apply removable vinyl stickers and wall decals
  • Boat Wraps – Wrap arches, contours and intricate areas

The JIURUN window tinting tool kit provides everything needed for professional DIY results. Stop fighting with difficult applications – Equip yourself with the right vinyl tools for the job and make your next automotive or home project frustration-free.

Order the JIURUN 35pc Window Tint Application Kit today and start wrapping like a pro!


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