Jayron Digital LCD Inductive Hour Meter – Track Engine Hours and Maintenance for Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, Snowblowers, and More


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Stop guessing when it’s time for maintenance on your vehicle’s engine. The Jayron digital inductive hour meter provides an easy way to accurately track motor run time so you know when it’s due for oil changes, tune ups, and other service.

This handy hour meter displays up to 99,999 hours with a resolution down to 0.1 hours. The LCD screen is easy to read even in low light conditions. The timestamp pauses whenever the engine is off, then resumes tracking time once restarted so you get precise run time data.

Installation takes just minutes without any wiring needed. The hour meter housing simply attaches to the engine near the ignition coil. No tools required. The inductive sensor wire wraps around the coil to track pulses and operating time. Waterproof construction and impact-resistant casing allow install anywhere on motorcycles, ATVs, boats, snowblowers, generators, and more.

Track Engine Hours Across All Your Motorized Equipment

Use the Jayron hour meter to monitor usage time on all types of gas engines and equipment including:

– Motorcycles
– ATVs / Quads
– Personal watercraft
– Outboard boat motors
– Lawn mowers
– Snowblowers
– Portable generators
– Log splitters
– Air compressors
– Power washers
– Go karts

Forget guessing when your equipment is due for periodic maintenance based on months or seasons. Install an hour meter to know exactly how many hours the engine has run so you can follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Schedule Oil Changes, Tune Ups, Valve Adjustments

The hour meter takes the guesswork out of servicing your engine over time.

Stay on top of oil changes based on actual run time rather than approximating date or mileage. Clean oil is vital for proper engine lubrication and heat dissipation. With an hour meter, you’ll know precisely when it’s time to drain old oil and replace with fresh.

For tune ups including spark plug replacement, filter changes, sensor testing, timing adjustment, and other tasks, the manufacturer specifies service intervals by time used rather than mileage or months. The hour meter provides accurate run time data to properly time tune ups.

Monitoring hours is also critical for 4-stroke engines requiring periodic valve adjustment. Know when it’s time for this maintenance with a quick glance at your Jayron hour meter.

Easy Installation in Minutes

Mounting the hour meter takes just minutes and requires no tools or wiring.

Simply select a convenient mounting location on the engine near the ignition coil. Use the included cable ties to secure the waterproof housing in place.

Wrap the sensor wire several times around the ignition coil. The meter housing is designed to press fit around the coiled wire to protect it.

Power up your engine and the hour meter will instantly begin tracking run time. Place it on each piece of motorized equipment to monitor usage.

The compact durable housing withstands vibration, shocks, and all weather conditions. Install it on your ATV, motorcycle, boat or other vehicles and engines to start logging hours today.

Accurate Tracking Down to 0.1 Hours

Don’t estimate maintenance needs – use real-time data. The Jayron hour meter tracks usage down to 0.1 hour increments for incredibly precise engine monitoring.

The large LCD displays total engine hours from 0 to 99,999. When your equipment is off, the meter stops recording time. Once the engine starts up again, the display resumes from where it left off.

You’ll have accurate data on both total lifetime engine hours and run periods between services. Know if your equipment has 100 hours or 100.8 hours – critical for precision maintenance timing.

Reliable Protection from Weather and Vibration

The hour meter’s waterproof IP68 rated housing shields the electronics from rain, mud, snow, and dust. The tough resin case resists shocks, impacts, and vibration from rough off-road use.

Ride your ATV through mud and water without worrying about damage. The sealed construction keeps the internals safe in wet conditions.

The hour meter withstands bumps and shakes from uneven terrain so you can install it on your dirt bike or mountain bike too. Vibrations from lawn mowers, generators, power washers and other equipment won’t affect it.

With durable housing and waterproof protection, you can install this hour meter on any engine in your garage or equipment in the field and it will continue to deliver reliable run time data season after season.

Never Lose Track of Maintenance Again

Stop guessing when it’s time for an oil change, tune up, new spark plugs, or other engine service. Start tracking every hour your equipment runs with Jayron’s easy-to-install digital inductive hour meter.

Mount it on your motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, boat motor, snow blower, lawn mower, and any other gas powered motors. The compact meter sits securely on the engine casing by the ignition coil without wires or connections needed.

The accurate lifetime hour data ensures you know exactly when maintenance is due per the manufacturer recommendations. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer, performs better, and is safer to operate.

Order the Jayron hour meter today and install it with minutes. Start tracking engine hours across all your cars, trucks, powersports vehicles, boats, generators, lawn equipment, and everything else powered by a gas engine. Precision maintenance has never been easier.


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