Jaguar Land Rover V6 & V8 Engine Crankshaft Pulley Remover Installer Kit – Heavy Duty Pulley Puller Set for DIY Mechanics


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Remove and install crankshaft pulleys on Jaguar and Land Rover 3.0L V6 or 5.0L V8 engines with this heavy duty, mechanic grade pulley tool kit. Designed to safely remove stubborn factory pulleys without damage, this pulley puller set provides the professional quality tools needed to tackle this tricky repair job.

Safely Removes Stubborn Pulleys from Jaguar and Land Rover Engines

The crankshaft pulleys used on Jaguar and Land Rover 3.0L V6 and 5.0L V8 engines are notoriously difficult to remove. These pulleys are torqued to spec at 200 Nm/270 degrees from the factory, making them extremely tight. Trying to break them loose with makeshift tools risks damage to the pulley or engine.

This heavy duty pulley remover kit includes a sturdy pulley holder and a forcing screw to apply concentrated pressure directly behind the pulley. The jaw-style pulley holder grips tightly around the outer edge of the pulley so you can apply counter-force as the forcing screw presses the pulley off the crankshaft stub. No more rounded off pulley bolt heads or bent pulley fins!

Fits a Wide Range of Jaguar and Land Rover V6 & V8 Engines

This pulley tool set is specifically designed to be fully compatible with:

  • Jaguar 3.0L V6 “AJ-V6 Gen III” engines
  • Jaguar 5.0L V8 “AJ133” engines
  • Land Rover 3.0L V6 diesel engines
  • Land Rover 5.0L V8 “AJ133” engines

It fits Jaguar models including the F-Type, XE, XF, XFR, XJ, XJR, XK8, XKR from 2009-2018. For Land Rover, it fits the Discovery 4, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport from 2009-2018.

Heavy Duty Construction for Serious DIY Mechanics

Unlike flimsy universal puller sets, this pulley removal kit is made with high strength steel alloys to provide the rigidity needed for these stubborn factory pulleys. The forcing screw provides over 2 tons of force, while the sturdy holder grips tightly. Components have a black oxide finish to resist corrosion.

This is a professional grade pulley tool set made for serious DIY mechanics. All parts are precision CNC machined for accurate fit and function. It will provide years of reliable use for pulley jobs, engine rebuilds, and repairs.

Complete Kit Has Everything Needed for Crankshaft Pulley Service

This servicer kit includes:

  • Pulley removal forcing screw
  • Counter-force pulley holder tool
  • Install/removal adaptor threaded to crankshaft
  • Install/removal washer for v8 engines
  • M16 x 175mm installation bolt
  • Storage case to keep the set organized

With the comprehensive selection of tools, you’ll have everything needed to safely remove and reinstall those stubborn crankshaft pulleys. No more rounding off pulley bolts or damaging engine components!

Designed to Protect Your Investment

A Jaguar or Land Rover engine rebuild can be an expensive investment. Using inadequate tools risks damaging pulleys and other engine components, adding to your repair costs. Investing in a quality pulley tool set helps protect your investment by letting you safely service your engine.

This heavy duty OEM-quality tool kit gives DIY technicians the specialty tools needed to properly service 3.0L V6 or 5.0L V8 Jaguar and Land Rover engines. Stop wrestling with flimsy universal pullers and order your Jag/Rover pulley tool set today!


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