IRWIN Hanson 12002 T-Handle Tap Wrench Set for Cutting 1/4″ to 1/2″ Threads – Durable Heat Treated Steel with Sliding Handle for Extra Leverage


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Tapping threads is a tedious process. Without the right tap wrench, you’ll end up with crooked, unusable threads that you’ll just have to re-tap. IRWINmakes threading fast, easy and frustration-free with their Hanso 12002 T-handle Tap Wrench Set.

This essential set provides adjustable T-handle wrenches suitable for cutting accurate, clean threads from 1/4” all the way up to 1/2” in diameter. No more ruined threads or stubborn taps that break because you didn’t have the right sized wrench.

The IRWIN 12002 has you covered for all standard hardware and machine screw sizes. Keep one at your workbench and in your toolbox to be prepared for any threading job.

Heat-Treated S2 Alloy Steel

The tap wrenches are constructed from hardened S2 tool steel alloyed for maximum toughness. IRWIN precision heat-treats the heads for enhanced hardness and durability.

This isn’t any ordinary steel that will bend or round off easily under pressure. The industrial-grade S2 steel and heat treatment allows the wrench jaws to withstand tremendous cutting forces without deforming. You get superior grip and torque for crisp, clean thread cutting.

Smooth-Gliding Reversible Handle

The unique smooth-sliding handle provides added leverage for driving the tap straight and true. Two knurled grip areas allow you to choke up or extend your grip for controlled threading.

The sliding mechanism glides effortlessly in either direction to bring the swiveling handle in line with the axis of the tap. This prevents side-loading that can snap taps.

You’ll be able to feel when the tap is cutting straight as the handle aligns perfectly with each rotation. No more fighting a cumbersome rigid handle or tapped holes at crooked angles.

Precision-Machined Jaw Design

The wrench head features meticulously machined jaws to surround each size tap perfectly. The jaws center on the tap shank and won’t slip or round off the corners.

Various sized notchings grip each tap size securely while optimized jaw geometry maximizes grip and eases alignment. The multi-faceted design also allows you to orient the wrench at any angle.

Combined with the S2 steel hardness, the engineered jaw design allows you to torque down with full force when cutting threads without worrying about damaging the tool or tap.

Contoured, Knurled Grip

The textured grip area provides a secure hold, even with oil or coolant on your hands. The shape conforms naturally to your fingers for comfortable twisting and driving leverage.

An enlarged knurled knot at the end provides a positive finger stop. The ergonomic grip design gives you total control of the tap wrench at all times.

Carry Case for Convenience

The heavy-duty plastic blow-molded case keeps the wrench set protected in your toolbox or truck. Carry them anywhere you need to cut accurate threads without fear of losing the wrenches or damaging the precision machined surfaces.

The case also has molded compartments for conveniently organizing the different sized wrenches. You’ll never have to guess which wrench you need for the job again.

Who Can Benefit From the IRWIN 12002 Tap Wrench Set?

This tap wrench set is indispensable for any metalworking professional or hobbyist who needs to cut strong, precise threaded holes.

Auto Mechanics – Thread holes to exact sizes for bolts, fittings and brackets

Machinists – Cut accurate threads for jigs, fixtures and components

Fabrication Shops – Prepare threaded holes for fasteners and hardware

Plumbers – Tap clean threads for pipes and fittings

Auto Enthusiasts – For specialty threaded fasteners on custom vehicles

Handymen – Occasional tapping tasks around the home

Anywhere strong, smoothly cut threads are needed, the IRWIN 12002 Tap Wrench Set has you covered.

Technical Specifications

– Material: Hardened S2 Alloy Steel

– Handle: Bi-directional smooth sliding with knurled grips

– Jaw Style: Enclosed multi-faceted notch design

– Size Range: Cuts threads from 1/4″ up to 1/2″

– Weight: 1.5 lbs

– Origin: China

The IRWIN Advantage

IRWIN has been a leader in professional quality hand tools since 1885. They helped pioneer the development of the original pipe wrench and continue that spirit of innovation.

IRWIN pours this experience into manufacturing the finest specialty tools for intricate tasks like tapping threads. Their heat treating and machining consistently produce rugged, precise tools the professional trades rely on.

Invest in a tap wrench set built to professional standards. Forget about cheap imported sets with questionable metallurgy and clumsy threaded handles. Get the job done right the first time with the IRWIN quality advantage.

Buy the IRWIN 12002 T-Handle Tap Wrench Set today to make cutting threads easy!


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