InterDynamics Certified A/C Pro Stop Leak Detector and Dye Kit – Professional Grade Leak Detection


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Tired of your car’s AC blowing hot air? Don’t pay an arm and a leg for AC repairs before finding the exact cause of the issue. The InterDynamics Certified A/C Pro Stop Leak Detector and Dye Kit makes finding and diagnosing AC leaks quick and easy for DIYers. This professional grade kit has everything you need to detect leaks caused by a bad o-ring, hose, or other component in your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Pinpoint Refrigerant Leaks Quickly and Easily

Finding the source of an AC leak can be frustrating and time consuming without the right tools. This kit takes the guesswork out of leak detection. Just add the included UV fluorescent dye to your car’s AC system as you would regular stop leak additive. The dye circulates with the refrigerant, accumulating at the source of any leaks. When you shine the high intensity UV light over your hoses and components, dye that has leaked out will glow brightly, immediately highlighting the problem area.

The super bright penlight uses true UV LEDs that produce a focused 395nm beam optimized for making the dye fluoresce. The included yellow tinted glasses filter out the bright purple glow, making it easier to pinpoint exactly where leaks are occurring. No more squinting and eye strain trying to locate leaks!

Reliable Leak Detection for DIYers and Professionals

Unlike lower quality UV lights, the industrial grade LEDs in this kit will not burn out after just a few uses. The penlight is crafted from durable anodized aluminum and designed to provide years of consistent leak checks. It runs on easily replaceable AAA batteries (included).

Whether you want to do your own AC repairs or just want to identify any leaks before taking your car to the shop, this kit has everything you need for fast, reliable diagnostics. The professional grade UV light produces better results than cheaper imitations or flashlight style lights. Plus, the included dye is specifically formulated to glow brightly under UV light for easy visibility.

Safely and Accurately Diagnose Leaks

UV leak detection dye is safe for your car’s AC system. It contains no harmful chemicals and won’t damage components or impact the performance of your air conditioning. The dye mixes with the refrigerant and circulates smoothly without any risk of clogging. One bottle contains enough dye for up to 4 AC systems in average passenger vehicles.

Once added, the dye stays in the system until repairs are completed, allowing you to re-check for leaks as needed. The high quality light and dye work hand in hand to accurately pinpoint both small leaks and major failures. You’ll know immediately whether a bad seal, fatigue in a hose, or a puncture is causing your AC problems. No more guessing games!

The InterDynamics Stop Leak Detector Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Ultraviolet Pen Light
  • 1 x Bottle of UV Fluorescent Dye – 1oz
  • 1 x Pair of Protective UV Glasses
  • 3 x AAA Batteries


  • Quickly find the source of AC leaks
  • No more squinting, eye strain, or guessing
  • Industrial grade UV light won’t burn out
  • Durable aluminum flashlight design
  • Specialized UV dye designed to glow brightly
  • Kit has everything needed for DIY leak detection
  • Safe for all AC systems
  • Works with R134a refrigerant
  • Trusted InterDynamics brand

Don’t waste time and money replacing parts that aren’t broken or paying for extensive repairs before diagnosing AC leaks. With this professional grade kit, you can pinpoint the source of any leaks in just minutes.

Simply add the dye, circulate it through the system, then use the high intensity UV light to make leaks glow brightly for easy identification. No need to search under the hood with a household flashlight that barely illuminates dye. The specialized penlight included in this kit produces a focused beam that clearly reveals dye markers, even in daylight.

Know exactly what’s causing your AC problems before you start repairs. This leak detection kit pays for itself the first time you use it by preventing wasted time and incorrect parts replacements.

Order the InterDynamics Certified A/C Pro Stop Leak Detector and Dye Kit today and start tracking down AC leaks like a certified pro!


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