Install New Wheel Studs with Ease Using the 22800 Wheel Stud Installer Tool


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Working on brakes or wheel bearings often requires replacing wheel studs. But pressing new studs into place can be a real chore without the right tools. That’s where the 22800 wheel stud installer comes in. This handy tool makes quick work of installing new wheel studs on almost any car, SUV, RV, light truck or trailer.

Gone are the days of struggling to press in new studs by hand. The 22800 wheel stud installer grips studs tightly and allows you to use a wrench or impact gun to firmly seat studs in the hub or brake rotor. No more skinned knuckles or sore hands from pressing in studs. And no more worrying about damage from makeshift solutions like using lug nuts or washers to press in studs. This purpose-built tool does the job quickly and safely every time.

High Quality Construction for Years of Use

The 22800 wheel stud installer is constructed from durable carbon steel that stands up to heavy use in the shop or garage. The black oxidized and rust-resistant finish also helps this tool last. Precisely machined surfaces grip studs tightly for a solid and secure installation.

Compatible With Most Wheels and Light Trucks

This universal wheel stud installer works with just about any passenger car, SUV, pickup truck, RV or trailer wheel. The jaws open wide enough to accommodate studs up to 1 inch in diameter. So you can install studs in everything from small economy car steel wheels to heavy duty truck wheels and most sizes in between.

Safe Installation Protects Studs and Wheels

Pressing in studs by hand risks damage to the threads from dirt or case hardening of the aluminum. But the 22800 precisely grips just the smooth stud shaft to prevent any damage during installation. The large opening in the tool also ensures you don’t mar or gouge soft alloy wheels when installing studs.

Easy 3 Step Installation Process

Installing studs is quick and straightforward in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Start the new wheel stud into the hub or rotor hole by hand. Ensure the threads are lined up and the stud is inserted straight.

Step 2) Slide the open end of the installer over the protruding stud. Position the tool so the stud is gripped by the machined surfaces inside the jaws.

Step 3) Use a wrench or impact gun on the installer’s nut to firmly seat the stud. The tool’s leverage lets you easily pull the stud into its final seated position.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: Carbon steel with black oxide finish
  • Capacity: Up to 1″ diameter studs
  • Drive size: 15/16″
  • Length (jaws open): 4.5 inches
  • Length (jaws closed): 2.75 inches
  • Width (jaws open): 3.6 inches
  • Width (jaws closed): 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

Benefits of the 22800 Wheel Stud Installer

  • Makes quick work of pressing in new wheel studs
  • Fits almost any car, truck or trailer wheel studs up to 1″ diameter
  • Prevents damage to stud threads and wheels during installation
  • Allows use of wrench or impact for easy, fast stud installation
  • Durable steel construction with rust-resistant black oxide finish
  • Provides safe, consistent results and reduces risk of injury
  • Works with all common lug thread pitches
  • Universal jaw design works on virtually any wheel studs
  • Much faster than pressing in studs by hand
  • Helps prevent cross-threading studs during installation

Stop Struggling with Pressing in Wheel Studs

If you’ve ever struggled with pressing new wheel studs into place by hand, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Forget makeshift solutions involving lug nuts that can damage studs and wheels. The 22800 wheel stud installer is purpose built to safely press studs in place quickly. No more skinned knuckles or sore hands from wrestling with stud installations. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your studs are perfectly straight and undamaged.

For Garage DIYers and Professional Mechanics

Whether you’re a shadetree mechanic working on your own cars or a professional wrenching all day in a busy shop, the 22800 makes quick work of wheel stud replacement. It’s the perfect addition to any garage or pro mechanic’s tool box. And it’s affordably priced so any do-it-yourselfer or automotive shop can reap the benefits of simple, fast stud installation.

Don’t dread pressing in another stubborn wheel stud. Let the 22800 wheel stud installer take the hassle and frustration out of stud replacement. Order today and make your next brake and wheel hub service quick, painless and worry-free!


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