Illuminate Your Work Space with the Powerful Aaleds LED Work Light


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Working in dark, cramped spaces can be frustrating. You strain your eyes trying to see what you’re doing and constantly adjust your flashlight or shop light to get the right angle. With the Aaleds LED Work Light, those hassles become a thing of the past. This innovative work light features a flexible gooseneck that enables 360 degree directional lighting and an ultra-bright LED that delivers up to 1000 lumens of brilliant illumination.

Light Up the Darkest Corners and Crevices

The Aaleds work light is built around a flexible, gooseneck hose that measures over 16 inches long. The hose is made from 25 interlocking steel joints, giving you the ability to bend, twist, and angle the light exactly where you need it. Point the light under the car or deep inside an engine compartment. Wrap the flexible neck around posts or brackets. You’ll finally be able to see everything clearly, even in the most cramped, out-of-reach spaces.

And with its 360 degree rotating head, you can direct the light beam horizontally and vertically. No more fumbling with awkward fixed heads or struggling to find the right lighting angle. Just point and click with infinite adjustability.

Blindingly Bright Illumination – Up to 1000 Lumens

At the heart of this work light is a powerful LED bulb that pumps out up to 1000 lumens of brilliant white light (150 lumens in torch mode). For comparison, a standard 75-100 watt incandescent bulb emits around 1500 lumens. This LED packs a ton of illumination into a compact, energy-efficient package.

The focused LED beam projects far and wide, allowing you to see everything in your workspace clearly and without disruptive glare. Three brightness settings let you tailor the light to your needs – low, medium and high. Blast away shadows with maximum 1000 lumen output or conserve battery power with 300 or 600 lumen modes. Either way, the Aaleds work light has the luminance to make any job easier.

Rechargeable Battery Provides Hours of Cordless Operation

The integrated 2800mAh rechargeable lithium battery keeps this mechanic light shining brightly for extended periods:

– High Mode (1000 lumens) – 2.5 hours
– Medium Mode (600 lumens) – 4.5 hours
– Low Mode (300 lumens) – 12 hours
– Torch Mode (150 lumens) – 12+ hours

Tackle big jobs knowing your light has the juice to last. When power runs low, simply recharge via the USB port. The battery fully recharges in just 3-5 hours so the light is always ready for your next project.

Forget about constantly replacing drained AA or AAA batteries. This work light is designed for convenience and performance.

Super-Strong Magnet and Hook Provide Hands-Free Operation

Mounting and positioning this LED work light is quick and easy thanks to two key features – a powerful magnet base and handy hook.

The N45 grade magnet allows you to securely attach the light to any metal surface. Stick it to toolboxes, car bodies, machine frames…the possibilities are endless. The magnet holds tight and makes moving the light a breeze.

A small eyelet hook near the magnet gives you a second hands-free mounting option. Hang the light in your workspace or on your keychain for easy accessibility.

Go from fixed mounting to handheld operation in seconds. The versatile Aaleds work light adapts to any environment or task.

Designed to Endure the Demands of Any Job Site

This isn’t a cheap plastic flashlight picked up at the corner store. The Aaleds mechanic light features a rubberized holder and durable aluminum head to withstand heavy shop use. The flexible gooseneck tolerates bending and shaping without damage.

Sealed ports and protective housing keep out debris, dust, and moisture. This light is built to survive life around power tools, heavy machinery, and busy garages.

And with intelligent circuit design and a high-quality LG battery cell, the LED work light delivers years of performance. Aaleds backs the light with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. We stand behind our product quality and customer satisfaction.

The Must-Have Tool for Auto Repairs, Power Outages, and More

This versatile work light belongs in every toolbox, utility drawer, and emergency kit. The Aaleds LED work light provides brilliant hands-free illumination for:

– Auto and motorcycle repairs
– Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work
– Engine maintenance
– Under cabinet lighting
– Power outages and camping
– Emergencies or everyday use

Don’t waste another minute straining to see in the dark. Let the Aaleds flexible work light show you the light! Experience its adjustability and super-bright output for yourself.


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