Illuminate Your Ride with This Versatile 25-Piece Car Interior LED Light Kit




Tired of the dim, yellowish lighting inside your car? Upgrade to bright, white LED lights with this 25-piece iFunyLED Interior LED Light Kit. With 24 bulbs in 3 common sizes, this kit has all the lights you need to give your car’s interior a modern facelift.

The 8 T10/194 bulbs fit license plate lights, map lights, trunk lights, and more. The 8 DE3175 bulbs are ideal for vanity mirrors, dome lights, and reading lights. And the 8 211-2/212-2/578 bulbs work perfectly in side marker lights, courtesy lights, glove box lights, and other locations.

These top-quality bulbs feature advanced LED chips encased in solid aluminum housings. Compared to old halogen or incandescent bulbs, they produce a brighter, whiter light that makes the interior feel more open and inviting. The 6000K color temperature resembles natural daylight.

Installation takes just minutes with the included handy pry tool. Just remove the factory bulbs and plug the LED replacements in. No wiring or modifications needed. Being polarity insensitive, the bulbs work no matter how you insert them.

With a 50,000 hour lifespan, these LEDs will likely outlast your car. And since they’re 85% more efficient than incandescents, they’ll save energy too. The intelligent IC driver prevents flickering and delayed start-up, while protecting against shorts and overload.

Give your ride an instant interior transformation with bright, stylish lighting. Order the iFunyLED 25-Piece LED Interior Light Kit today!

Kit Contains Bulbs for a Variety of Vehicle Locations

This handy kit contains LED bulbs to upgrade most interior lighting inside your car, truck, van, or SUV.

8x T10/194 bulbs for:

  • License plate lights
  • Trunk/cargo area lights
  • Door entry lights
  • Footwell/footpad lights
  • Map reading lights
  • Visor vanity mirror lights

8x DE3175 bulbs for:

  • Dome lights
  • Courtesy lights
  • Reading lights
  • Sun visor lights
  • Door entry lights

8x 211-2/212-2/578 bulbs for:

  • Front and rear side marker lights
  • Front and rear courtesy lights
  • Glove box light
  • Trunk/cargo area light
  • Stepwell lights

With 24 new LED bulbs, you can overhaul nearly all interior lighting for a consistent, stylish look. The bulbs easily plug right into existing sockets without modifications.

Bright White 6000K Lighting

These LED bulbs shine a vivid white light at 6000K color temperature. This bright daylight effect creates a clean, fresh ambiance compared to the yellowish glow of old halogen bulbs.

The crisp white light makes controls and displays easier to see at night without the glare. And it eliminates dark shadows inside the car, so passengers can read maps and books comfortably.

Whether you’re driving on a rainy night or searching for an item in the cargo area, the bright interior lighting improves visibility and safety.

Long Lifespan Saves Time and Money

You’ll replace old-fashioned bulbs far less often with these long-lasting LEDs. They’re rated to last approximately 50,000 hours of use.

For comparison, a typical halogen bulb lasts around 1,000 hours. So these LEDs can keep shining for years without needing to be changed.

The extreme longevity also saves money in the long run. No more paying for pricey replacement bulbs again and again.

With their solid-state design, the bulbs are also resistant to vibrations and shocks. So they hold up well to rugged driving conditions.

Plug-and-Play Installation

Upgrading your interior lighting is quick and easy with these LED bulbs. No professional installation or electrical expertise required!

Just remove the factory bulbs from their sockets and plug the LEDs in their place. The bulbs work in either direction, so installation is foolproof.

All the necessary electronics are self-contained inside each bulb. There’s no external driver box or ballast needed.

Within minutes, you can have bright, stylish interior lighting that makes driving at night much more enjoyable.

Advanced Design for Superior Performance

These aren’t just cheaply made bulbs hastily fitted with LEDs. They feature thoughtful designs and high-end components for optimal longevity and light output.

The LED chips are mounted to sturdy aluminum substrates with excellent thermal conductivity. This allows heat to dissipate efficiently, promoting longer lifespan.

An intelligent IC driver regulates power flow to protect against shorts, overload, and overheating. This prevents flickering and unstable light output over the lifespan of the bulbs.

With an 85% reduction in power consumption compared to incandescents, these efficient LED bulbs help reduce electrical load.

Give your car lighting a 21st century upgrade with this well-engineered LED bulb kit from iFunyLED!

We’re Here to Help

We want installing your new LED interior lighting kit to be quick and easy. But if any questions or issues come up, contact us promptly for support.

Our helpful customer service team will respond quickly to solve any problems. We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Don’t tolerate dim, dreary stock lighting in your car for another night. Order the iFunyLED 25-Piece Interior LED Light Kit now to upgrade to bright, energy-efficient LEDs! Your car’s interior will shine like never before.


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