IHAYNER 15FT Mig Welding Torch – Hobart H10 Gun Replacement


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Upgrade your Hobart welder with this premium IHAYNER mig welding torch! This 15 foot spool gun conveniently replaces Hobart H-10 and H100S2-10 models to boost welding performance on 130XL, 135, 140, 175, 187, XLT142 and XLT182 welders.

Compatible With Hobart H-10 Welding Guns

This IHAYNER spool gun is a direct substitute for Hobart H-10 (195957) and H100S2-10 (245924) MIG guns. The 15 foot cable length gives you the reach to weld comfortably in any position. Simply remove your old Hobart torch and plug this one in for smooth mig welding.

Quality Construction for Optimal Use

Built to last through heavy daily use, the durable one-piece body withstands spatter and high temperatures better than standard MIG guns. The insulated metal jacket around the barrel optimizes feeding and welding of fine wire. Plus, the curved handle with textured grip reduces fatigue so you can weld longer with less hand and wrist strain.

Feeds 0.030-0.035″ Mig Wire Flawlessly

This spool gun feeds 0.030 to 0.035 inch diameter mig wire smoothly and consistently, preventing birds nests, tangling or burn backs. The versatile 100 amp capacity handles small projects up to 1/4 inch welds in steel. Easily dial in your amperage for precision welds.

Lightweight Balance and Control

Weighing just 2 pounds, this lightweight welding torch reduces arm fatigue so you can maintain precision welds all day long. The balanced design and curved grip give you total control of the gun for clean, spatter-free welds in any position – flat, vertical, horizontal or overhead.

Use Standard Miller Gun Consumables

No need to stock special consumables! This spool gun uses widely available Miller M-series consumables for tips, nozzles, contact tips, liners and drive rolls. Simply insert 0.030 or 0.035 wire and select matching consumables.

Ideal for Home, Farm, Shop Use

This versatile 100 amp MIG gun tackles small DIY projects with ease. It’s great for home garages, small farms, metal fabrication shops, auto body and anywhere you need a compact, maneuverable MIG torch. Easily weld up to 1/4 inch steel for repairs, fabrication, sculptures, auto customization and more.

Works Flawlessly With Hobart Welders

Get maximum performance from your Hobart Handler or AutoArc welder! This spool gun is factory made to integrate seamlessly with popular models like the Handler 130XL, 135, 140, 175, 187 and AutoArc XLT142, XLT182. Just plug it in and experience smoother wire feed and reduced burn backs.

Make Quick Switches Between Guns

Going back and forth between MIG and flux core welding? No problem! This torch connects and disconnects from your Hobart welder quickly without any tools. Switch from flux core to MIG in seconds for maximum versatility in your shop.

Extended Reach For Comfort

Stop struggling with a short MIG gun! The 15 foot cable on this spool gun gives you the freedom to weld effortlessly in any position. Easily walk the cup around a weld joint without tugging on cables. The flexible cable also reduces drag as you maneuver the torch.

Superior Heat Resistance

Built to endure high temperatures, the rubber jacketed cable resists melting, cracking and burns far better than standard welding cables. The seamless, abrasion-resistant cover protects the inner conductors from damage as well.

Reduced Spatter Buildup

Thanks to the tapered copper nozzle design, spatter won’t stick and accumulate like it does on inferior MIG guns. Enjoy smooth arc starts without any arc blow outs due to spatter buildup shorting the nozzle.

One Year Warranty

We stand behind our MIG torches 100%! This unit comes backed by a 1 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. We’ll send a replacement torch right away if you have any issues down the road.

Give your Hobart welder an upgrade with the IHAYNER mig torch! This spool gun boosts performance for cleaner, stronger welds. Order today and see why mig welding pros love this rugged, well-balanced gun.


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