IDEALHOUSE Retractable Air Hose Reel with Auto-Locking Mechanism – 80 FT Hybrid 3/8″ Hose, 180° Swivel Mount, 6.5 FT Lead-In for Garage or Workshop




Tired of dealing with tangled hoses that never seem to fully retract? The IDEALHOUSE Retractable Air Hose Reel is designed to eliminate frustrations and make your garage or workshop more efficient.

This heavy-duty retractable hose reel features an industrial-strength auto-locking mechanism that secures the 3/8” air hose at customized lengths. Just give the hose a strong pull to engage the lock. Another quick tug releases the lock so you can lengthen or retract the hose. No more sagging hoses or wrestling to get it wound back up!

The powerful spring-loaded retraction system maintains consistent tension even after 10,000 uses. Say goodbye to weak springs that fail to fully recoil. The guide arm smoothly winds the 80 ft hybrid hose onto the reel in an even, tangle-free pattern.

Constructed from durable polypropylene, the enclosed reel housing is lightweight yet able to withstand harsh garage environments. The internal connectors are sealed with anaerobic adhesive to prevent air leaks. Mount the 180° swivel bracket to the wall or ceiling and enjoy maximum maneuverability.

Other key features:

– Auto-Leveling – Hose winds evenly regardless of mounting angle
– 6.5 ft Lead-In Hose – Easily reaches air compressor
– Quick Connect Coupler – Fast attachment of air tools
– All-Weather Hose – Flexible from -13° to 113°F
– Brass Fittings – Won’t corrode like lower-cost metals

Whether working on DIY projects or as a professional mechanic, this retractable hose reel will save you time and hassle. Stop wrestling stubborn hoses that tangle and droop. Simply pull out the length you need and engage the auto-lock. The air hose will stay extended and ready for use.

With a robust design engineered for performance, convenience and longevity, you can rely on this air hose reel from IDEALHOUSE. No more kinks, twists or headaches! Move freely around your garage and keep the workspace organized.

This is the perfect garage accessory for:

– Inflating tires & sporting equipment
– Powering pneumatic tools
– Blowing dust/debris off equipment
– Spray painting projects
– Draining oil and more

Tired of constantly walking back and forth to let out more hose? Want to reduce tripping hazards? This auto-retractable reel keeps the compressed air hose neatly stored off the ground yet readily accessible. Just install the mounting bracket and you’ll save time and frustration.

Forget flimsy consumer-grade hose reels that fail to retract properly through years of use. The IDEALHOUSE reel is engineered with commercial-duty components to deliver consistent reliable performance in home garages. Invest in a retractable air hose reel that will stand the test of time!


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