HURI Governor Rod and Speed Control Spring Kit for 11-13HP Gas Engines


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Keep your small engine running smoothly with this high quality governor rod and speed control spring kit from HURI. Designed as a direct replacement for the Honda GX340 and GX390 11hp and 13hp engines, as well as the popular Chinese 188F gasoline generator engines, this kit contains everything you need for a quick and easy installation.

Inside the package you’ll find two heavy duty governor rods constructed from durable steel that are built to last. The governor rod is a critical component that controls engine speed by regulating the throttle plate. Over time, factory governor rods can become worn, stretched or damaged, resulting in surging, inconsistent engine speeds, or even dangerous runaway RPMs. Replacing your faulty governor rod with these HURI units ensures stable engine performance and protects your equipment from damage.

In addition to the governor rods, HURI includes two high tension speed control springs. The speed control spring provides resistance against the governor lever, allowing it to properly meter the engine’s throttle as loads increase or decrease. When this spring becomes fatigued and stretched out, speed control suffers. These robust replacement springs will restore the governor’s ability to hold consistent RPMs.

The kit is rounded out by two throttle return springs, which do exactly as their name implies – they pull the throttle back to idle when engine load is removed. The throttle return springs work in conjunction with the governor system to give you smooth, immediate throttle response. HURI’s springs will deliver crisp, reliable throttle control.

Constructed from 100% brand new materials, the governor rods feature durable chrome vanadium steel and bronze bushings for longevity. The springs deliver optimized tension levels thanks to their high quality spring steel wire construction. Everything is engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications for hassle-free installation and performance.

Compatible With:

  • Honda GX340 11hp engines
  • Honda GX390 13hp engines
  • Chinese 188F gasoline generator engines

Package Includes:

  • 2x Governor Rods
  • 2x Speed Control Springs
  • 2x Throttle Return Springs

Restoring smooth and reliable engine performance is quick and easy with top quality replacement parts from HURI. Whether you’re repairing an aging Honda engine or tuning up a Chinese generator, you can trust these components to deliver outstanding longevity and functionality. The governor rod and speed control spring kit represents the smart, cost-effective solution for rejuvenating your small engine and maintaining optimal RPM control. Order yours today and keep your equipment running like new.

Product Details

– Governor Rods: Heat-treated chrome vanadium steel and bronze bushings
– Springs: High tensile spring steel wire

– Governor Rod Length: 7.5 inches
– Spring Wire Diameter: 0.14 inches
– Spring Length: 2 inches

Easy Installation:
Direct OEM replacement parts install quickly with basic hand tools

Comprehensive Kit:
Contains governor rods, speed control springs and throttle return springs for complete governor system renewal

Precision Engineering:
All components designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for form and function

Robust Construction:
Heat-treated steel governor rods and high tension spring steel wires outlast inferior aftermarket parts

Stable Engine Speeds:
Corrects surging, drooping and inconsistent RPMs by replacing worn governor components

Smooth Throttle Response:
Crisp throttle return spring action helps deliver immediate engine response

Reliable RPM Control:
Maintains proper governing to prevent dangerous runaway RPM situations

Wide Compatibility:
Ideal for 11-13hp Honda GX engines and popular Chinese 188F generator engines

Brand: HURI

Restore peak performance, speed regulation and safety to your small engine with the HURI governor rod and speed control spring kit. These heavy duty, OEM-quality replacement parts will have your Honda, Predator, or other engine running smoothly again.


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