HITBOX 140A Dual Voltage MIG/TIG/Stick Welder 110V/220V


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Unlock Your Full Welding Potential with the HITBOX 140A Multi-Process Welder

Welding projects demand versatility – you need to adapt your technique and settings to handle various materials and applications. That requires a welder capable of optimizing welding parameters for consistent high-quality welds.

The HITBOX 140A gives you 3-in-1 multi-process welding including MIG, TIG, and Stick. Built with advanced IGBT inverter technology, it delivers a stable 140A output on 220V along with exceptional arc performance. An intuitive synergic control system sets optimal voltages and wire feed speeds automatically for any amperage.

Whether you’re working with thin sheet metal, structural steel, stainless, aluminum, mild steel, or cast iron, the HITBOX 140A has the capabilities to match your project needs. This is the last welder you’ll ever need – an industrial-grade powerhouse engineered for versatility.

Unmatched Welding Versatility Across Multiple Processes

MIG – Also called GMAW or gas metal arc welding, MIG uses a continuously fed wire electrode and inert shielding gas. The HITBOX 140A includes an ergonomic MIG torch and earth clamp for outstanding handling comfort even during prolonged welding. Just dial in your amperage setting and you’re ready to lay down smooth, uniform beads with minimal spatter. The HF arc start ensures reliable ignition without sticking. Capable of handling both solid wire and flux core.

TIG – TIG or GTAW welding allows for the highest weld quality and precision. Combustible gases are kept away from the weld puddle using an inert argon shielding gas. The HITBOX 140A provides lift TIG capabilities by utilizing the MIG torch instead of a traditional TIG torch. While not suitable for the thinnest materials, it’s an easy TIG starting point for hobbyists looking to expand their skillset. No need for a separate machine.

Stick – Also referred to as SMAW or shielded metal arc welding, stick welding is known for its versatility and portability. It uses a flux-coated consumable electrode that also provides shielding gas. The included electrode holder allows you to run 6010, 6011, 6013, 7014, and 7018 electrodes for broad material compatibility. Dial in the amps and you’re ready for outdoor fabrication or repair work.

With multi-process welding capabilities, the HITBOX 140A eliminates the need for separate welders. Save space in your garage or shop while also saving money. This single machine can handle all your welding projects.

Synergic Control Technology Ensures Optimal Settings

The HITBOX 140A features an advanced synergic control system that takes the guesswork out of setting voltages and wire feed speeds. Just select your wire diameter, material thickness, and desired amperage. The microprocessor automatically configures the voltage and WFS for fast, easy setup.

An OLED display allows monitoring of your realtime voltage, amperage, and WFS. Feedback is clear even while welding. Synergic control provides accuracy that would otherwise require years of welding experience to manually tune-in. Achieve expert-level results faster with automated settings.

110V/220V Capabilities Plus a 30% Duty Cycle Rating

A dual voltage design provides versatile power capabilities for heavy-duty welding:

220V – 140A output at a 60% duty cycle for extended welding periods

110V – 93A output at a 60% duty cycle for full power in situations where only 110V is available

With a 30% duty cycle rating, you can weld continuously for 3 minutes before a required 1 minute cool-down period. This performance is equal to or better than competitive welders costing twice as much. Rely on ample power for projects large and small.

Advanced Inverter Technology for a Compact, Portable Design

Inverter welders utilize advanced IGBT transistors to convert and invert input electricity into higher frequencies. This allows shrinking down large transformers into more portable sizes without compromising output.

Weighing just 21 lbs., the HITBOX 140A provides the same welding capabilities as classic transformer welders weighing well over 100 lbs. Take it anywhere – move between home, job site, and work shop with ease. Store it without occupying your whole garage shelf.

Inverter technology also enables superior arc stability, cleaner welds, increased efficiency, and more fine-tuned control over amperage. Achieve professional-grade results normally requiring industrial-scale equipment.

Engineered for Durability and Reliability

Industrial components ensure this welder will withstand heavy daily use while providing years of reliable service:

– Copper transformer windings instead of cheaper aluminum

– Heavy-duty double steel shell frame prevents flexing and damage

– Overload protection with auto cut-off to prevent blown circuits

– Thermal overload protection prevents overheating

– Advanced cooling fan keeps internal temps in check during extended welding

The HITBOX 140A is engineered for performance and built to last. Expect exceptional arc quality and industrial-level power in a compact, versatile design.

Unlock your full welding potential with 3-in-1 capabilities. The HITBOX 140A delivers multi-process performance allowing you to build, create, and repair anything.


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