HappyTap Portable Sink – Handwashing Station for Schools, Daycares, and Healthcare Settings


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Providing proper hand hygiene should be easy, not expensive and complicated. The innovative HappyTap Portable Sink offers an affordable, no-plumbing solution for hand washing in schools, daycares, clinics, and other facilities.

This self-contained sink assembles in seconds with no installation or utility connections required. Simply add water and soap to the 4.5-gallon tank and it’s ready for use anywhere you need it. The extended height tap handle allows children and wheelchair users to easily access the water flow, while the low-flow spigot conserves water.

Designed for Frequent Hand Washing in Group Settings

The HappyTap portable sink is thoughtfully engineered to withstand frequent usage at schools, daycares, camps, and other group facilities. Made from durable polyethylene, the 4.5-gallon tank resists cracks and leaks while providing 50-70 hand washes per fill.

The hands-free tap allows easy use for children and people with disabilities. The extended height handle can be turned on and off using a wrist or elbow, minimizing contact. This makes the HappyTap perfect for hand hygiene in group settings where germs easily spread.

Easy Placement Where Plumbing Is Not Available

Installation requires no plumbing or electricity – the HappyTap can be placed anywhere needed. Simply fill the tank, pump the foot pedal to build pressure, and get instant water flow. The compact size and integrated carry handle offers flexible placement in classrooms, restrooms, lunchrooms, common areas, nurses stations, waiting rooms, and more.

Portable Solution for Hand Hygiene in Schools

Schools striving to improve hand hygiene face challenges installing numerous sinks with proper drainage and plumbing. The portable HappyTap provides a fast, affordable solution. Units can be easily moved between classrooms or placed in hallways for quick access before entering or leaving rooms. The hands-free extended tap allows students to wash efficiently.

Supports Hand Washing Routines in Daycare Settings

Frequent handwashing prevents illness in daycare environments where germs spread rapidly between children. However, young children struggle to effectively wash hands without guidance. The child-friendly HappyTap allows staff to oversee proper hand washing technique. The elongated tap handle is easy for little hands to use independently once trained.

Improved Access for Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities

Healthcare facilities need flexible hand hygiene solutions accessible to diverse populations, including elderly and disabled patients. The portable HappyTap can be transported to patient rooms, physical therapy areas, and waiting rooms to encourage frequent hand sanitizing. The extended lever handle allows operation without grasping, supporting independence for wheelchair users or patients with limited mobility.

Key Features:

– Portable sink provides hand washing anywhere needed
– 4.5 gallon tank provides 50-70 washes per fill
– Easy setup in seconds with no plumbing required
– Extended height tap handle for wrist/elbow operation
– Hands-free on/off operation ideal for group settings
– Low-flow spigot conserves water
– Durable polyethylene resists cracks and leaks
– Compact size and carry handle for flexible placement
– Foot pump pedal builds water pressure on demand
– Perfect for schools, daycares, clinics, events, and more

The HappyTap Portable Sink is the easy, affordable way to provide effective hand hygiene anywhere it’s needed. The self-contained design sets up instantly without installation or utility connections required. Simply fill the integrated 4.5 gallon tank with water and soap to create an instant hand washing station.

The extended height tap handle allows easy use for children and people in wheelchairs. Users can turn the water flow on and off using their wrist or elbow, reducing contact. The low-flow spigot conserves water while providing plenty of flow for thorough washing.

Made from durable polyethylene, the HappyTap withstands frequent daily use in demanding environments like schools, daycares, camps, and clinics. It provides 50-70 washes per tank, ideal for group settings where proper hand hygiene is essential to prevent illness.

Designed for convenience and flexibility, the HappyTap can be placed anywhere needed – classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, restrooms, waiting areas, nurses stations, and more. The compact size and built-in carry handle allows easy transport.

Give students, patients, and personnel access to proper hand washing anywhere it’s needed with the HappyTap Portable Sink. It’s the instant, affordable solution for effective hand hygiene in your facility.


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