GreatNeck APW36 36″ Aluminum Adjustable Pipe Wrench – Heavy Duty Plumbing Tool


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Industrial-Grade Adjustable Pipe Wrench

The GreatNeck APW36 is a 36″ heavy duty adjustable pipe wrench designed for professional plumbers and tradespeople. The robust I-beam aluminum handle provides strength without excessive weight, making it easier to handle up to 3-1/2″ pipes.

Precision Milled Steel Jaw

The steel hook jaws and heel are milled for an optimum grip on pipes and fittings. The serrated teeth bite securely to provide maximum torque for breaking loose stubborn connections.

Lightweight Yet Durable

At just over 5 lbs, this aluminum pipe wrench is significantly lighter than traditional cast iron models. However, the I-beam handle reinforced with steel provide the rigidity needed for demanding industrial pipework.

Trusted Quality

GreatNeck has 100 years experience providing reliable, affordable tools for trade professionals. This 36 inch model is built to high standards and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Go-To Wrench for Plumbers

With its optimized size-to-strength ratio, this is a versatile pipe wrench trusted by plumbers for everyday water, gas, and drainpipe installation and repair. Grab the GreatNeck APW36 adjustable pipe wrench for your toolbag.


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