Gonfren 13″ Jack Wrench with 360° Swivel Head for Car Scissor Jacks




Tired of struggling with your scissor car jack? This 13″ jack wrench from Gonfren takes the hassle out of tire changes. The unique 360° swivel head provides smooth operation at any angle, while the ratchet design speeds up lifting. Just place on the jack screw, then raise and lower your vehicle’s weight effortlessly.

The jack wrench is forged from rugged steel to prevent bending or breaking under load. Plastic handle covers provide comfort and grip during use. A reversing knob switches between tightening and loosening with a simple pull.

Works on most scissor jacks for cars, vans, SUVs under 2 tons. An included socket adapter expands compatibility for models with large or unusual jack screws. Experience the convenience of this automotive jack wrench on your next flat! Backed by Gonfren’s satisfaction guarantee.


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