GKmow Convex Blind Spot Mirrors Expand Rear View Safety


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Driving safely requires being aware of your surroundings at all times. But even the most diligent drivers have blind spots that can hide approaching vehicles, pedestrians, and other hazards. Eliminate those dangerous blind spots with the GKmow Convex Blind Spot Mirrors. Custom designed to enhance your rear view, these rugged high-definition mirrors stick on in seconds to become an indispensable driving aid.

Superior Rear Visibility and Safety

The curved rectangular mirrors are made from impact-resistant glass that never distorts or fogs. Their wide-angle convex shape gives you a panoramic 57° field of view without distracting spherical aberrations. Easily monitor traffic beside and behind your vehicle to safely change lanes, reverse, parallel park, and pull out of parking spots. No more anxiety about hidden cars, motorcycles, bicycles or people in hard-to-see areas.

Quick and Simple Installation

Sticking on the mirrors takes just minutes – no tools required. Just thoroughly clean and dry your side mirrors, peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the blind spot mirror on. The strong 3M adhesive keeps the mirrors securely in place through any driving conditions. Move them between vehicles or remove and reposition the mirrors anytime with no damage.

Durable Construction

The shatter-resistant rectangular glass and rugged housing withstand years of use. The mirrors resist damage from bumps, scrapes, sun exposure, temperature extremes, and car washes. Premium engineering and quality materials ensure long-lasting visibility and performance.

Universal Fit

The 3.74 inch x 1.41 inch mirrors are sized to work with most car, truck, van, SUV, camper and RV side mirrors. Just trim down if needed for smaller motorcycle and compact car mirrors. Keep your passengers and vehicle safe no matter what you drive.

Key Features:

  • 2 convex blind spot mirrors expand rear/side view
  • Durable high-definition glass reflects clearly
  • 57° wide-angle view reduces blind spots
  • Shatterproof construction withstands impacts
  • Self-adhesive sticks securely with no tools needed
  • Universal size for most vehicles

Reduce Accidents and Drive with Confidence

Gone are the days of cranking your neck and body to see around wide vehicle pillars or relying on tiny factory spotter mirrors. Gain peace of mind knowing you can see surrounding traffic and avoid collisions. Simply glance at the wide-angle GKmow mirrors for complete awareness of your vehicle’s sides and rear. They stick on quickly and improve driving safety for only pennies a day. Order the GKmow Blind Spot Mirror pair now to start driving with greater confidence and security.


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