Gerber Plumbing Avian Shower Trim Kit with Treysta Cartridge – Stylish and Durable Bathroom Upgrade




Upgrade your bathroom with the sleek, modern style of the Gerber Plumbing Avian shower trim kit. This stylish trim kit features a rectangular showerhead and lever handle valve that will give your bathroom a contemporary facelift.

The Avian trim kit includes a satin black finish faucet and showerhead combo that provides both form and function. The faucet features Gerber’s patented Treysta cartridge that allows for smooth handle control and prevents cross-flow between hot and cold water. The unique air injection technology in the showerhead provides a powerful spray, even at low water pressure.

Stylish Rectangular Showerhead

The rectangular ultra-slim showerhead included with the Avian trim kit provides full body coverage while using less water. The high-quality finish resists corrosion and tarnishing to maintain its satin black aesthetic. The contemporary rectangular design and thin profile will blend seamlessly into any modern bathroom décor.

Durable & Reliable Treysta Cartridge

The Treysta cartridge housed within the Avian faucet handle is designed for optimal reliability and smooth operation. The ceramic disc cartridge provides durable drip-free performance for over 500,000 cycles. The integral check valves built into the cartridge body prevent annoying cross-flow between hot and cold water supply lines.

Full Trim Kit for Easy Installation

The Avian trim kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy shower upgrade. The kit contains the single lever faucet, rectangular showerhead, shower arm, valve body, and all necessary mounting hardware. With its sleek satin black finish, this trim kit will provide an instant facelift to your existing shower setup without the need for an extensive remodel.

Optimal Dimensions for Most Showers

This shower trim kit is designed to fit most standard shower configurations. The included shower arm measures 12 1⁄2 inches for ideal placement. The trim kit ranges from 65 to 80 inches in height and 8 inches in width. With its adjustable height and width, the Avian can accommodate most existing shower valves and supply lines.

Air Injection Technology for Powerful Spray

Gerber’s innovative air injection technology infuses air into the showerhead’s spray nozzles to provide fuller water coverage. The air-infused spray provides a drenching shower experience even at low water pressures down to 20 psi. Enjoy an invigorating shower with forceful spray coverage from the Avian showerhead.

Water Efficient Flow Rate

The Avian shower trim kit meets WaterSense efficiency guidelines with its low 1.75 gallons per minute flow rate. Conserve water without sacrificing performance. The air-injected shower spray provides luxurious coverage while using less water than standard showerheads.

Easy to Clean Nozzle Design

The Avian’s showerhead features an easy to clean nozzle design. The nozzles are made from flexible silicone that resist mineral buildup. Simply rub the nozzles to easily wipe away any accumulated hard water or limescale. Keep your Avian showerhead performing like new with this hassle-free maintenance.

Premium Quality from Gerber Plumbing

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures has been creating reliable, stylish plumbing fixtures since 1932. The included Avian trim kit carries on the tradition with its durable ceramic valve, corrosion-resistant finish, and clever air injection technology. Enjoy Gerber’s trademark premium quality and flawless performance.

Modernize Your Bathroom with the Avian Trim Kit

The Gerber Avian shower trim kit is the perfect choice to update the look and feel of your bathroom. With its contemporary rectangular showerhead, single lever faucet handle, and sleek satin black finish, this kit provides style and functionality. Boost your shower performance and experience with the Avian’s powerful air-infused spray. Trust Gerber’s engineering and craftsmanship to provide a reliable, water efficient shower upgrade.


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