Gerber G0053120 Hard Water Bathroom Sink Faucet


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Refresh your bathroom with the sleek, modern style of the Gerber G0053120 hard water faucet. This stylish single-handle design provides convenience and durability even in hard water conditions.

Contemporary Style

The smooth curved spout and lever handle give this Gerber faucet a clean, contemporary look. The brushed nickel finish resists corrosion and matches both traditional and modern decor. At only 7.5 inches high, it fits well in any bathroom sink without obstructing the mirror.

Single-Lever Operation

The single-lever handle allows you to easily control both water flow and temperature with one hand. No more struggling with separate hot and cold knobs. Turn the lever left for colder water or right for hotter. Lift up to increase the flow rate. It couldn’t be simpler.

Hard Water Resistant

The ceramic disc cartridge includes silicone seals designed specifically for areas with hard water. Mineral deposits and contaminants won’t stick and slowly degrade the internal components. This faucet will continue operating smoothly for years even with heavy limescale and chlorine content in your water supply.

Leaks Are a Thing of the Past

A precision fit ceramic disc cartridge eliminates drips for good. The single lever handle controls the flow path with no washers or compression surfaces that can wear out over time. Close the lever completely and the water stops 100% with no annoying leaks.

Easy DIY Installation

This faucet installs easily in just a few minutes, even for beginners. It fits widespread sink holes up to 8 inches apart and includes all mounting hardware required. Clear instructions walk you through the simple steps. A 3/8 inch female compression inlet connects directly to standard U.S. plumbing lines. No additional parts needed.

ADA Compliant Design

The single lever handle and low spout height make this faucet compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Operation requires minimal effort and vertical clearance, meeting accessibility guidelines.

Built to Last

Heavy brass construction provides durability you can rely on for years of daily use. The ceramic disc cartridge withstands 500,000 cycles for longest life. A corrosion-resistant nickel exterior maintains a like-new appearance even with heavy bathroom use.

Water Efficient Flow

This WaterSense certified faucet restricts flow to 1.5 gallons per minute. That’s at least 30% less water usage than standard faucets while still providing enough flow for washing hands and brushing teeth. Conserve water and save on utility bills.

Peace of Mind Warranty

Your purchase includes Gerber’s limited lifetime warranty on function and finish. If you have any issues with drips, leaks, or defects in materials or workmanship, simply contact Gerber’s customer service for prompt replacement assistance.

Trusted & Tested Performance

Gerber has been an industry leader in plumbing fixtures for over 80 years. They stand behind this faucet with rigorous testing to ensure it withstands years of regular use. It’s even been tested to survive 500,000 open and close cycles. You can install with total confidence.

Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget

At well under $100, this Gerber faucet adds updated style and convenience without breaking the bank. Combine with a new sink, vanity light, and accessories to give your bathroom a full makeover. Quality and value come together in this modern hard water faucet.

Easy Maintenance

Keep your new faucet looking like new with simple regular cleaning. Wipe down the exterior occasionally with a soft cloth and mild soap and water to maintain the brushed nickel finish. Replace the aerator periodically if flow becomes restricted.

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century with the contemporary style and durable construction of the Gerber G0053120 hard water bathroom faucet. Order yours today to upgrade your sink’s form and function.


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