Generac Extreme Cold Weather Kit for Select 22-60 kW Standby Generators


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Prepare your Generac automatic standby generator for extreme cold weather operation with this comprehensive cold climate kit. The Generac 5616 kit provides everything needed to maintain optimal generator performance in frigid conditions down to -20°F (-29°C).

Complete Extreme Cold Weather Protection

The Generac 5616 cold weather kit includes a 240W engine block heater to keep oil viscosity optimal for cold starting. It also contains full mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions for hassle-free DIY fitting. This kit combines with the Generac 5630 kit to provide complete protection for certain generators.

Wide Generator Compatibility

This cold climate kit fits a wide range of Generac standby generator models including:

– 22 kW air-cooled standby generators
– 27 kW air-cooled standby generators
– 36 kW air-cooled standby generators
– 45 kW air-cooled standby generators
– 60 kW air-cooled standby generators

It is compatible with generators having a 2.4L engine and 1800 RPM rating. Please check your specific generator manual to confirm compatibility.

Maintain Reliability in Frigid Temps

With temperatures dipping below -20°F (-29°C), standard generators struggle to start and run properly. The thickened engine oil cannot circulate well, and cold metal parts are prone to wear during start up. This Generac extreme weather kit allows your generator to operate reliably even in the most frigid conditions.

Peace of Mind Power Supply

Never worry about your home or business losing power again during extreme cold snaps. The included block heater warms the engine so it turns over easily. Your generator will provide electricity exactly when you need it most.

Generac Extreme Weather Kit Includes:

– 240W Engine Block Heater
– Mounting Hardware
– Full Installation Instructions


  • Optimized extreme cold weather operation down to -20°F (-29°C)
  • Hassle-free DIY installation
  • Combines with Generac 5630 kit for complete protection
  • Allows generator to start easily in frigid conditions
  • Maintains proper oil viscosity for cold weather
  • Reduces engine wear from cold starts
  • Provides reliable power even in extreme low temps

Choose Generac, The Trusted Name in Home Backup Power

With over 50 years experience in power equipment, Generac is the top selling brand of home standby generators. This extreme cold weather kit provides the exceptional level of quality and reliability Generac generators are known for. Invest in total peace of mind with this essential cold climate accessory.


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