Generac Air Filter Replacement for Select Generac Generators – Maintenance Kit with Air & Fuel Filters + Spark Plug


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Keep your Generac generator running smoothly and prevent premature engine wear with this complete maintenance kit. This kit includes everything you need for a tune-up on select Generac 14KW-22KW generators.

Included in the Kit:

  • 2 Air Filters – Replacements for Generac part #0J8478 and 0J8478S. Designed for Generac air-cooled V-twin engines including 990cc and 999cc sizes. Check your old filter to ensure this is the right size and shape before ordering.
  • 1 Fuel Filter – Keep contaminants out of the fuel system to protect the carburetor and engine.
  • 1 Spark Plug – Replacing the spark plug regularly helps ensure proper ignition and starting.

With proper maintenance, your Generac generator will start when you need it and run smoothly during power outages and outdoor events. Keeping the air and fuel filters clean prevents debris from entering the engine and causing premature wear over time. Replacing the spark plug ensures the generator starts easily time after time.

Compatible Generac Generator Models Include:

  • 14KW – 20KW Guardian Generators
  • Centurion Generators
  • Watchdog Generators
  • Select Eaton Generators
  • Siemens Generators
  • And other Generac generators using 990cc or 999cc V-twin engines from 2013-present.

Check your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule and procedures. For most generators, the air filter should be replaced every 100-200 hours of use. The fuel filter and spark plug are typically changed annually or every 200 hours. Proper maintenance is key to getting the most life out of your Generac generator.

This is a complete maintenance kit with everything you need for a tune-up in one convenient package. The high quality replacement parts are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications for fit and performance.

What’s Included:

  • 2 Air Filters – Replaces Generac part numbers 0J8478 and 0J8478S. Measures 9.37″ long x 5.43″ wide x 1.34″ tall. Premium filter media traps dust before it can reach the engine.
  • 1 Fuel Filter – Helps remove contaminants from the fuel supply for a clean burning engine.
  • 1 Spark Plug – Ensure proper ignition and easy starting with a fresh plug.

Keep your Generac generator in peak condition and avoid costly repairs down the road with this complete tune-up kit. Order today to keep your generator running smoothly for years to come.


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