GENBOLT 4K WiFi Security Camera with Color Night Vision, Motion Detection, Active Defense and Auto Tracking


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Keep your home safe with the GENBOLT 4K WiFi security camera. This outdoor CCTV camera provides stunning 8MP Ultra HD video day and night thanks to its 12 built-in floodlights that illuminate up to 150ft at night in full color. It also features intelligent motion detection that can differentiate between people, vehicles and pets. When motion is detected, the floodlights activate, a 90+ dB siren sounds and you receive an instant alert on your smartphone. Plus, the camera automatically tracks any intruder’s movements with its 355° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt function. With the GENBOLT security camera protecting your home, you’ll have total peace of mind.

Stunning 4K Ultra HD Video Day & Night

See crystal clear video 24/7 with the GENBOLT outdoor camera. It captures high-resolution 8MP video in stunning 4K Ultra HD, four times the resolution of 1080p. 12 adjustable LED floodlights illuminate up to 150ft at night and activate automatically when motion is detected. Advanced Starlight CMOS technology delivers full color images at night, not just black and white. You’ll be able to identify people, vehicles and objects even in pitch darkness.

Intelligent Human & Vehicle Motion Detection

The GENBOLT WiFi camera features intelligent motion detection that can differentiate between people, pets and vehicles. Using advanced AI, it only detects and alerts for human and vehicle activity while ignoring pets under 55lbs and other background motion like trees swaying. You can customize up to 4 specific detection zones so only certain areas will trigger recording and alerts. No more false alarms!

Active Siren & Floodlight Security Deterrent

Deter intruders before they can even attempt to break in! When the GENBOLT detects human or vehicle motion, it triggers a loud 90+dB siren and turns on the 12 high-intensity floodlights. Most burglars will flee rather than risk being blinded by the 1200 lumens of light exposure and loud alarm drawing attention. Scare away trespassers without needing to be home.

Auto Cruise Patrol & 4X Zoom

The GENBOLT security camera provides complete 360° monitoring of your property. Set customized cruise patrol in the app and the camera will automatically pan to cover multiple views, following a predetermined path you arranged. Ensure no corner is left unwatched! The 4X digital zoom allows a closer look at any activity up close. When motion triggers recording, the camera will also auto-track subjects with 355° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt up/down.

Simple Remote Viewing & Controls

View live video and recorded clips from your GENBOLT security system using the easy mobile app available for iOS and Android. Intuitive on-screen controls make panning, tilting and zooming your cameras a breeze from your smartphone. Customizable motion detection, active deterrence and auto-cruise features can also be controlled remotely.

Weatherproof IP66 Construction

Designed for year-round outdoor use, the GENBOLT WiFi camera has an IP66 weatherproof housing to withstand sun, rain, snow and dust. Operating temperatures range from -4°F to 140°F. The metal vandal-proof housing protects against tampering. Installation is fast with the included mounting kit and 59ft power extension cable.

Continuous & Motion-Triggered Cloud Recording

Optional GENBOLT Secure Cloud Plans provide encrypted backup recording that won’t be lost if your camera is damaged or stolen. Continuous 24/7 cloud recording is available for ultimate protection. Or choose motion-triggered recording to save cloud storage space, with clips automatically uploaded when motion is detected. Playback recordings on the mobile app anytime.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Connection

The GENBOLT WiFi security camera uses advanced PoE technology that allows both data and power to be transmitted over a single Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for a nearby power outlet to connect the camera. PoE installation is fast and convenient, allowing flexible placement of your CCTV camera.

Secure Local Storage with microSD Card

For local backup recording, simply insert a microSD card into the camera’s slot support up to 256GB. Video can be downloaded to your smartphone or PC. Enjoy privacy without the ongoing costs of a monthly cloud plan. Footage is securely encrypted. A Class 10 microSD card is recommended for optimal performance.

Protect your home with 24/7 security and smart motion detection features. The GENBOLT 4K WiFi camera provides crystal clear UHD video, active deterrence when an intruder is detected and intelligent tracking. Safeguard what matters most with GENBOLT!


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