GEARWRENCH 15-Piece Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool Set – All-in-One Kit for Quick and Easy Serpentine Belt Replacement


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Replacing a worn or broken serpentine belt just got a whole lot easier with the GEARWRENCH 15-Piece Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool Set. This comprehensive kit provides all the specialty tools you need to remove and install serpentine belts on vehicles with spring loaded belt tensioner pulleys. With the right tools for the job, you can now tackle serpentine belt replacement jobs in your own garage.

Specialized Tools Allow Serpentine Belt Access on Modern Vehicles

Newer model vehicles are designed with belt tensioner pulleys that require special tools to access and release the tension. This GEARWRENCH set provides the specific tools engineered to work on these tensioner systems, so you can remove and reinstall serpentine belts without hassle.

Long Reach Bar Combo Enhances Access

The extra long serpentine belt tool bar included in this set allows you to reach down and grip the tensioner pulley from the topside. The bar holds the socket directly or can attach to the ratcheting wrench to provide maximum extended reach and access to those hard-to-reach pulleys.

Kit Contains Adaptors and All Necessary Sockets

This GEARWRENCH serpentine belt tool kit comes equipped with the essential adaptors and sockets required for most vehicle belt replacement jobs. It includes 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/4-inch adaptors along with 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm 18mm, and 19mm six-point sockets.

Ratcheting Wrench Design Makes Belt Install Smoother

The specialized ratcheting wrench in this serpentine tool set allows you to gradually release the tensioner pulley and gently loosen the belt. This ratcheting action gives you better control over the tension release to help avoid belt or pulley damage during removal. Reinstalling the new belt is also smoother with controlled tightening.

Complete Serpentine Belt Replacement Solution

With its comprehensive selection of sized tools, adaptors, and specially designed serpentine belt bar, this GEARWRENCH kit truly provides everything you need for quick and easy DIY serpentine belt replacement. No more improvising with makeshift tools!

Crowsfoot Design Sockets Allow Angle Access

The set includes 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm crowsfoot sockets. The crowsfoot design with angled-offset allows you to grip bolts from the side at an angle. This is crucial for accessing the tightly positioned tensioner bolt on many vehicles.

Carry Case Keeps the Complete Set Organized

The heavy-duty blow molded carry case keeps all the adaptors, sockets, specialty tools, and extensions from this serpentine belt replacement kit neatly organized in one place. With the entire set stored in the case, you’ll always know exactly where each piece is when needed.

Trusted GEARWRENCH Brand Quality

GEARWRENCH is a leading brand trusted by mechanics and automotive enthusiasts for high-quality tools and specialty automotive repair kits. All the tools in this serpentine belt kit meet GEARWRENCH’s stringent standards for durability, performance, and long-lasting functionality.

Step-by-Step Instructions Included for Guidance

To help you complete your serpentine belt replacement job like a pro, this GEARWRENCH kit includes clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions. The instructions guide you through the entire process of using the tools to release tension, remove the old belt, install the new serpentine belt, and secure the tensioner.

Trusted Brand and Smart Investment

With the GEARWRENCH reputation for excellence standing behind this serpentine belt tool kit, you can feel confident investing in these specialty tools. This complete DIY serpentine belt replacement set will save you time, money, and hassle for years to come.

Order Today and Be Ready for Your Next Serpentine Belt Job!

Quit struggling with makeshift tools and purchase the tool kit designed specifically for serpentine belt replacement. This GEARWRENCH 15-piece set gives DIYers everything needed for fast, easy, and precision serpentine belt installation or replacement. Order now so you have these specialty tools ready for the next time your vehicle’s serpentine belt needs servicing!


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