Gates 91143 Large ID Hose Cutter – Precise Cuts for Hoses Up to 2″ Diameter


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Need a reliable hose cutter for large diameter hoses? Look no further than the Gates 91143 Large ID Hose Cutter.

This heavy-duty hose cutter is specially designed for cutting hoses with inside diameters (ID) ranging from 1-1/4″ all the way up to 2″. That makes it perfect for everything from automotive radiator and heater hoses to industrial hydraulic hoses and beyond.

The Gates 91143 features a durable all-steel construction with a black oxide finish that prevents rust and corrosion. The large cutting wheels are made of hardened steel for longevity and produce clean, straight cuts every time.

To use it, simply open the tool and place it over the hose at your desired cut point. The spring-loaded self-centering wheel frame ensures proper blade alignment. Then spin the cutter around the hose and tighten the adjustment knob gradually until the blades slice through the material. It’s that easy!

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, so you can get a solid purchase on the tool as you cut. And the enclosed gear wheel is designed to prevent pinched fingers during operation.

When you’re done using this high-quality hose cutter, the flat base allows it to sit upright on your workbench instead of rolling around and making a mess.

Key Features:

  • Cuts hoses 1-1/4″ to 2″ inside diameter
  • Hardened steel cutting wheels for durability
  • Spring-loaded self-centering frame
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip handle
  • Rust/corrosion resistant black oxide finish
  • Flat base for upright storage

Dependable Performance You Can Trust

For over a century, professional mechanics and DIYers have turned to Gates for top-quality automotive and industrial parts. The Gates 91143 hose cutter upholds that longstanding tradition with exceptional cutting ability and rugged construction.

The self-centering wheel frame keeps the hardened steel cutting blades properly aligned at all times, preventing uneven or jagged cuts. Just spin the tool around the hose and tighten the knob gradually until it slices cleanly through the material.

The black oxide finish fights off rust and corrosion, so you can enjoy years of reliable service from this hose cutter. And the enclosed gears and comfortable grip make the cutting process smooth and hassle-free.

Cut Hoses Like a Pro

Removing old worn out hoses or trimming new ones to length doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the Gates 91143 by your side, you can cut hoses up to 2″ ID quickly and easily for a perfect fit every time.

Keep one of these industrial-strength hose cutters in your toolbox, garage or shop. It’s great for automotive radiator and heater hoses, hydraulic hoses, PCV breather hoses, air conditioning hoses, and other heavy-duty applications.

The durable steel construction and precisely ground cutting blades mean you’ll enjoy flawless cutting performance for years before needing to replace this tool. And it takes all the frustration and hassle out of getting clean, professional cuts.

Order the Gates 91143 today and take your hose cutting abilities to the next level. Stop wrestling with dull blades and uneven cuts – this hose cutter makes the job easy!


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