Garden Tool Shovel with Anti Slip Handle – Lightweight Alloy Digging Spade for Gardening and Planting


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Take your gardening to the next level with this versatile and durable garden tool shovel! Designed for ease and efficiency, this high quality digging spade is a must-have for gardeners, landscapers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Premium Materials

The blade of this digging shovel is constructed from sturdy and rugged alloy that is built to last. The magnesium alloy material ensures strength and hardness, allowing you to dig and pry even in compacted soil without bending or breaking. The plastic handle features an ergonomic anti-slip grip, providing comfort and preventing hand strain during repeated use.

Compact Size

Measuring just 11.8 inches long, this digging spade is the perfect size for maneuvering in tight garden beds and flower boxes. The compact shovel head easily slices into soil, while the small handle fits comfortably in your hand. Take it along in the car or store it neatly in a garden shed.

Versatile Functionality

This multi-functional digging shovel tackles a wide variety of gardening and landscaping tasks. Use it to dig holes for planting bulbs, trees, shrubs and more. Aerate and loosen compacted dirt before adding new plants or sowing seeds. Edge along flower beds and pathways for a neat look. Weed and cultivate areas quickly and efficiently. Transplant seedlings into larger containers. Clear away debris, rocks and roots. This hand shovel does it all!

Ergonomic Anti-Slip Grip

The handle on this digging spade is designed for comfort. The anti-slip rubberized grip rests nicely in your hand and provides exceptional control when digging and maneuvering. The ergonomic shape with finger guard minimizes hand and wrist strain. Use this digging shovel without pain or discomfort thanks to the thoughtful handle design.

Hanging Hole for Convenient Storage

This digging spade includes a pre-drilled hole at the end of the handle so you can easily hang it up inside a garage, garden shed or tool area. Keep your gardening tools neat, tidy and organized by mounting the shovel on a wall hook, rack or garden hanger (sold separately). The hole also allows you to attach a rope to carry the shovel hands-free as you work outdoors.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing just 1.1 pounds, this digging shovel is extremely lightweight. The compact size and minimal weight make it easy to transport and store. Slide it into a backpack or tote bag to have on hand for hiking and camping trips. Keep one in the trunk of your car for gardening and landscape projects on the go. Take it along whenever you need a durable digging tool.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This versatile digging shovel is great for outdoor gardening as well as indoor planting projects. Use it in backyard vegetable and flower gardens. Tidy up your landscaping beds before parties or open houses. Re-pot houseplants into larger containers inside. Dig holes for plant stands and trellises indoors. Great for patio planter boxes and porch gardens too!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind this digging spade with our satisfaction guarantee. We ensure quality control thorough inspections before shipment. If you are not completely happy with this digging shovel, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Add this lightweight yet heavy duty garden tool shovel to your gardening kit! The durable alloy blade and ergonomic grip make planting, digging, edging and transplanting a breeze.


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