Fstop Labs 39-Piece Automotive Trim Panel Removal Tool Set – Pry Tools for Removing Car Interior Pieces, Dash Kits, Door Panels, Audio Systems – With Storage Bag




Struggling to pop off interior trim pieces, door panels, stereo systems or moldings when servicing your vehicle? End the frustration with Fstop Labs’ 39-piece automotive trim and molding removal tool set. This comprehensive kit equips you with specialized pry bars, wedges, and fastener removers to easily detach and install dash kits, upholstery, clips, emblems and more.

Specialized Pry Tool Shapes for Any Task

This robust 39-piece kit features uniquely shaped pry bars for any trim panel removal or installation job. Thinner pry tools fit into tight crevices to pop off panels. Curved tools hug contours and access hard-to-reach spaces. Rigid tools provide extra leverage for stubborn clips and trim pieces. With this assortment of pry bars, you have a reliable tool for any interior or exterior upholstery removal task on your car, truck, boat, RV or aircraft.

Protects Vehicle Surfaces from Scratches

The last thing you want when removing dash pieces and door panels is deep scratches on your interior trim. That’s why these pry tools are constructed using flexible, matte-finished nylon that is gentle on softer surfaces. The material is durable yet forgiving to prevent damaging scuffs and gouges. Use them worry-free on leather, vinyl, plastic and wood surfaces. The clip removers have plastic and steel components to durably remove clips without marring material.

Lightweight Yet Heavy-Duty Construction

Built better than cheap ABS tools, Fstop Labs’ automotive trim removal set is crafted from industrial-grade nylon for enhanced durability and flexibility. Nylon construction makes the pry tools extremely lightweight yet tough enough for daily use. They have high impact resistance and won’t easily bend or break like inferior tools. With rugged nylon carrying bag included, it’s easy to keep this versatile 39-piece kit organized for quick access.

Saves Time and Prevents Costly Interior Damage

Attempting interior trim or panel removal with makeshift screwdrivers is a recipe for gouges, broken clips, and frustration. This purpose-designed tool kit makes the disassembly process easier, faster and safer. The right tools let you easily pop interior pieces off without damaging mounting clips or leaving ugly scratches and pry marks behind. Get better results in less time.

Perfect for Automotive, Marine, Aviation and More

This quality tool set works wonders on cars, trucks, boats, RVs, aircraft and other vehicles needing gentle yet effective trim and upholstery removal. The nylon construction makes these tools perfect for finishes found in automotive, aviation, marine and other transportation applications. Safely pry off door panels, dash kits, consoles, window trims, glass, seats, and stereos during restoration or maintenance.

Premium Materials for Durability and Performance

The trim removal tools feature premium nylon construction along with Mn-steel and glass fiber reinforced nylon components in the clip removers. Materials far surpass basic ABS plastics in quality, durability, and performance. With proper care, this toolkit will deliver reliable service for years of panel removal tasks and save thousands in potential damage costs.

Key Features:

– 39-piece assortment of uniquely shaped pry bars
– Gentle on vehicle interiors unlike metal tools
– Flexible nylon material prevents surface scratches
– Lightweight yet extremely durable construction
– Removes panels, dash kits, moldings, door cards & more
– Mn-steel and nylon clip removers pop clips safely
– Zippered carrying case keeps tools protected & organized

Take the frustration out of interior trim removal and avoid expensive damage with this comprehensive 39-piece toolkit. The specially designed pry tools make easy work of popping off dash pieces, door panels, trim moldings, consoles, stereos and other interior components on cars, boats, planes and more – without a single scratch or clip breakage.


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