FOSHIO 7-Piece Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit – Flexible Magnetic Squeegees for Contouring Vehicle Wraps & Auto Decals


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Installing vinyl wraps and decals on your car’s complex curves and contours can be frustratingly tedious without the right tools. Introducing the FOSHIO 7-Piece Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit, the ultimate accessory set for applying wraps and stickers on any vehicle quickly and flawlessly.

This kit equips you with an arsenal of specially designed squeegees to easily manipulate and adhere vinyl around the intricate curves of your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle. No more wresting with uncooperative vinyl or ending up with wrinkles, bubbles, or edges peeling up. With the right vinyl application tools, you can achieve a smooth professional wrap at home.

7 Flexible Magnetic Squeegees Handle Any Wrap Job

This kit includes 7 uniquely contoured squeegees, each with a different angle perfect for tackling the wraps on complex 3D surfaces. The slim, compact bodies fit into tight spaces big squeegees can’t reach.

Whether wrapping door handles, side mirrors, bumpers, or any other intricate area, you have the ideal squeegee shape to apply the vinyl smoothly around the contours. No more frustration trying to stick vinyl into crevices with a flat squeegee.

The flexible edges flex to maintain full contact against the surface, allowing you to apply uniform pressure across the entire blade. This prevents wrinkles and air bubbles in the vinyl for a flawless factory-like finish.

Powerful Hidden Magnets For A Secure Grip

The secret behind these squeegee’s incredible grip strength is the hidden magnets inside the handle of each tool. As you work, the magnet adhere securely to the vehicle surface, allowing you to apply controlled downward pressure as you smooth the vinyl.

The magnets act like an extra set of hands, preventing slippage even on curved or inverted areas. You can confidently maneuver the vinyl into place knowing the squeegee stays firmly gripped.

Thanks to the magnets, the squeegees easily “stick” right where you leave them on the vehicle between applications. No more chasing after a slippery squeegee that slides off onto the floor or worrying about dropping pieces down a crevice.

Slim Profiles Reach Tight Spots

Trying to wrap vinyl in crevices like door jambs, mirrors, grilles, and trunk edges can be frustratingly tedious with normal squeegees. Their wide, clunky shape just can’t fit into those tight spaces.

The FOSHIO kit is designed specifically for wrapping tight contours and crevices. The slim, compact squeegee bodies slide into narrow gaps regular squeegees can’t maneuver into.

Even wrapping intricate details like side view mirror housings or grille mesh is easy thanks to the pinpoint precision only a thin squeegee blade provides. All those frustratingly tedious small spaces become a breeze.

Starter Kit For Any Vehicle Wrap Job

Whether you’re wrapping your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or other vehicle, this kit delivers the essential tools to get the job done like a pro.

Even if you’ve never wrapped before, the simple contoured squeegee shapes make it easy to follow the vehicle’s shape as you apply the vinyl. Just peel, stick, and squeegee for a bubble-free application.

Forget complex wrap tools – with this starter set, you have everything needed for a range of detail jobs, accents, and full wraps. It takes the frustration and complexity out of vinyl application.

Convenient Collapsible Storage Case

The included collapsible plastic case keeps all your squeegees neatly organized in one place for storage or transport. Just pop it open, grab the tool you need, and collapse it down when done.

The durable plastic protects the squeegee blades from damage while the customized foam cutouts securely hold each piece in place. No more loose tools rattling around and getting bent or chipped.

Take your wrap kit on the go to any location – the case ensures you have your full arsenal of vinyl tools at your fingertips wherever the job takes you. Or stash it in your garage toolkit so it’s always accessible.

Get Professional Vinyl Application Results

Applying vinyl wraps and stickers seems so simple, but without the right tools for the contours, it’s easy to end up with a wrinkled, bubbles mess. The key is using squeegees specifically designed to follow curves.

With this 7-piece kit, you have the specialty squeegee shapes needed to flawlessly adhere vinyl body kits, racing stripes, decals, partial wraps, and more. It provides precision control even total beginners need to wrap like an expert.

Ditch the frustration and give your car that customized look you’ve always wanted. With the FOSHIO vinyl applicator kit, you’ll be cruising in a custom wrapped ride in no time.

Why You’ll Love This Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit

✅ 7 uniquely contoured squeegees for curves

✅ Built-in magnets prevent slippage

✅ Slim design reaches tight crevices

✅ Custom case keeps tools protected

✅ Makes vinyl wraps easy for beginners

✅ Applies decals, stripes, accents flawlessly

Take your vehicle wraps to the next level with the complete FOSHIO 7-Piece Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit. It provides everything needed for bubble-free, wrinkle-free vinyl application.


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