FOCCAR Tire Thumper – The Essential Multi-Purpose Automotive Tool


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The FOCCAR tire thumper is the multi-tool every vehicle owner needs for safety and convenience on the road. This rugged automotive tool combines a tire thumper, escape hammer, and window breaker into one convenient package.

Check Tire Pressure Like a Pro

Gone are the days of crouching at each tire with a clumsy pressure gauge. With the FOCCAR thumper, checking tire PSI is quick and easy.

Just give each tire a few firm whacks. The hollow aluminum handle amplifies the sound and allows you to hear the difference between a properly inflated tire and a potentially dangerous underinflated one.

Truck drivers have used tire thumpers for years to perform quick checks on 18 wheeler tires. Now you can confidently monitor your tire pressure just like the pros.

Emergency Escape Tool

In the event of an accident or emergency situation, the metal hammer head on the FOCCAR thumper allows you to easily shatter tempered glass windows and break free.

The seatbelt cutter located under the tool’s rubber grip gives you the ability to slice jammed seatbelts and make a quick exit. With this multi-tool on hand, you’ll have peace of mind knowing emergency escape is within reach.

Dual Stage Hammer Head

Uniquely designed with both a sharp tip and wide flat end, the hammer head on the FOCCAR thumper delivers concentrated force ideal for breaking glass.

The sharp tip allows you to strike a small point with precision to spider-web and weaken the glass before delivering a final blow with the flat end to shatter and demolish. This dual-stage design makes quick work of tempered glass.

Heavy-Duty and User-Friendly

Constructed from rugged aerospace-grade aluminum, the 17 inch FOCCAR thumper is built to last through years of regular use. The textured no-slip rubber grip keeps the tool secure in your hands when hammering with force.

At just 1.3 pounds, it’s lightweight enough for anyone to handle while still packing enough heft to easily break glass and deliver a loud clear thump on tires. Take it along on road trips for safety and convenience right at your fingertips.

Reflective Tire Gauge

An easy-to-read tire pressure gauge is integrated right into the handle, giving you a helpful visual reference without any extra tools required.

Check what the proper pressure is for your tires, then give them a thump and listen for a difference in sound compared to underinflated tires. The reflective gauge also improves visibility at night.

Multi-Purpose Tool

In addition to tire thumping and emergency escape, the FOCCAR thumper’s sturdy hammer head can also be used for:
– Breaking ice off windshields and windows
– Driving tent stakes into hard ground
– Straightening bent metal parts
– Cracking open jammed wooden crates
– Activating truck mud flaps

Keep it stowed in your vehicle or grab it from the garage when you need a handy hammer for various tasks.

Premium Package

The FOCCAR tire thumper includes a durable custom-fit sheath with belt loop to protect the tool when not in use. A rubber ring secures the thumper tightly inside the sheath.

The heavy-duty polyester case features an American flag design and embroidered FOCCAR logo for a touch of pride. All packaged in a high-quality gift box, it makes a great gift for truckers, auto enthusiasts, and road trip warriors.

With the FOCCAR tire thumper in your automotive toolkit, you’ll drive with confidence knowing emergency escape and roadside safety is close at hand. Order now and be prepared for the road ahead!


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