Fiskars 40″-60″ Telescoping Rotary Cultivator and Garden Tiller


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Revitalize your garden beds and lawn with the Fiskars extendable rotary cultivator. This handy garden tiller reaches a length of 40″ to 60″ so you can aerate soil, break up stubborn ground, and cultivate around delicate seedlings without bending or straining your back.

Cultivate Dirt and Grass With Ease

The lightweight yet durable FiberComp head provides maximum power to churn through soil, whether you’re preparing a new garden bed or reseeding patches of grass. Six rust-proof aluminum cultivating wheels dig into the earth, loosening compacted ground and clearing the way for better water, nutrient, and oxygen absorption.

Remove the two center wheels to create a precision four-wheel cultivator for navigating carefully around seedlings or small plants. The ergonomic handle is designed to fit your body’s natural stance, reducing arm and wrist fatigue.

Tackle Tough Soil in Hard-to-Reach Areas

The telescoping steel pole extends from 40 to 60 inches, eliminating the need to hunch over or kneel to reach far areas of your garden. The length is perfect for cultivating plots in raised beds or reaching the middle of large garden rows without trampling your veggies and flowers. No more backaches from hunching over or straining your knees in the dirt!

The sturdy pole keeps the cultivating head stable, preventing wobbling that can damage your plants. Extend the pole to a comfortable length that allows you to stand upright while tilling the earth.

Built To Last Season After Season

Like all Fiskars tools, the rotary cultivator is constructed from top-quality materials for enduring performance. The lightweight FiberComp head provides strength without adding unnecessary weight. Rust-proof aluminum wheels maintain their durability even after years of heavy use.

And the full lifetime warranty guarantees this garden tiller will provide exceptional value and reliably meet your soil care needs for seasons to come.

Key Features

  • Telescopes from 40″ to 60″ to reduce bending and stooping
  • Lightweight FiberComp head with 6 aluminum cultivating wheels
  • Easily remove 2 wheels for precise cultivating around plants
  • 40% lighter than steel for easier handling
  • Rust-proof aluminum wheels stay strong season after season
  • Ergonomic handle designed for natural body stance
  • Reduces back, knee, and wrist strain
  • Loosens and aerates compacted soil
  • Prepares seed beds and reseeds grass
  • Lifetime warranty

The Garden Tool Brand You Can Trust

For over 100 years, Fiskars has delivered quality, innovation, and reliability in their pruning tools, garden shears, hoses, and more. Their lawn and garden tools are equipped with smart features and ergonomic designs that make yardwork easier and more enjoyable.

The Fiskars telescoping rotary cultivator will quickly become your favorite companion for preparing thriving, healthy garden beds season after season.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Ease

Don’t let hard, compacted soil stop you from growing a lush garden or thick grass this year. With the Fiskars extendable tiller, you can cultivate large areas without straining your body. Rejuvenate your yard and garden with minimal effort using this powerful, convenient cultivator.


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